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    Hi all,
    I was browsing on Google Patents and found the following weird patent: A japanese inventor who wants to include a chip in a diaper to transmit whenever the diaper gets too wet. Weird, huh? It might already be prior art, haha
    Follow this link to this specific patent. Let me suggest to keep this thread open for us around here to find similar weird laughable patents, just for the fun

    Diaper - Google Patents

    The best 2 you all,


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    Chip in a diaper seems like a massive waste of RF unless it is a cloth one. However I question how well a cloth one would work with a chip anyways.

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    thats pretty awesome, however in the context of "our world" its kinda impractical. like we wouldnt need or have a reason to use that but still wicked cool!

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    I have seen reports of similar devices used as an aid to preventing bedwetting - or in situations where elderly or infirm people live alone - in that case the chip activated a recorded message played through a pillow loudspeaker saying "You have been incontinent-do you require assistance". The technology is probably much the same as in windshield wipers that come on automatically when it is raining - personally if I don't realise my nappy is wet, I don't want technology to tell me. I suppose the logical end result could be link to my PC and the risk of a error message along the lines of "Exception 0000098756 in absorbancy test/reset mode -poop detected".

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    I saw a thing which was some sort of vacuum contraption that was supposed vacuum up the moisture from inside the diaper.
    Sounded awfully expensive the way it worked (and lots of non reusuable components).

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    I can see a use for such a diaper in a care facility where there are many patients. I couldn't see it being cost effective as an active RF device built in to a disposable. The use of antennas, and high power radios is just too expensive. To be cost effective it would need to be a simple sensor that detects wetness, but connects to a reusable external controller of some sort.

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    Another (to me wierd) invention is a Japanese one - a kind of diaper with built in plumbing and a low pressure vaccum pump that gently pulls leaked uring into a drain pipe. Idea is that it is used in hospitals as an alternative to catheterisation.

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    a little RFID type tag would be ideal. They're cheap enough (a few cents) to be disposable, and you could put the RFID reader under the mattress, which provides the chip with power and reads it. Sounds like a really good idea.

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