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Thread: Ever feel gyped? Screwed over cause you grew up in the wrong era?

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    Default Ever feel gyped? Screwed over cause you grew up in the wrong era?

    Well, this has been on my mind today as I was digging for some papers in my apartment and I found a lot of old papers from when I was in school, and I'm surprised I even survived it. I was a terrible student, a fish out of water and I sure as hell had no guidance. I just wanted OUT of the school system I was in.

    Reading all those papers, notes and things from the teachers has made me think a lot about it and how my life is. And how I didn't do well, or apply myself like I should have instead of being so hooked on my obsessions as a child and teenager. At the time I just hated being in those buildings because of the torment I suffered at the hands of the other students.

    With what they know now, I know I probably would have done a lot better. For starters, I found out in '04 I was Asperger's Syndrome, but back then diagnosed with severe ADHD. The meds they had me on didn't help me much and they didn't give me the direction I needed in school.

    As I look back, and think of what they know now with Asperger's, I wonder if I would have succeded a bit better; especially in a school system where I felt out of place, alone, and tormented by the students because I was the odd man out. Lately, I've thought about all of the advances and the knowledge we have now that has made me think more about it. Would I have done better now with everything we know?

    Maybe, I think so... some of my friends who are teachers say the programs for those with Asperger's are far better than the crapfest I grew up with in the 80s and until I graduated- barely; in '95.

    I had a hard time socially because I was so far behind on those skills. I feel better now, though because of all the friends I have and things I have learned in just the last six years of my life. People took time to get to know me, spend time with me and helped me along the way with that. I only wish I would have had that in school instead of being the guy who sat in the back reading a Star Trek or Tom Clancy novel.

    Lately, I've felt a bit gyped at times as I look back at what I had and what is availible now for those students who have Asperger's Syndrome. I know schools work with the students a lot more, and I wonder if I just simply grew up in the wrong era.

    If you are wondering what kind of papers I was looking at, it was old IEPs, report cards, grade warnings, et al.

    I've wondered if anyone else ever has felt this way about their education as I have.


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    Butterfly Mage


    I grew up with zero help for dyslexia and very little help for my speech impediment. Likewise, the school system generally turned a blind eye to child abuse when I was a kid. I barely graduated high school. My grades in college were reasonably good.

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    My grades slipped in high school progressively. I think as I became more and more depressed my grades started dropping as I no longer cared.

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    I admittedly know very little about this topic (had a relatively normal experience through school) so please forgive me if I offend anyone/say something really stupid here. I have always wondered whether this extra help in school translates into a better life afterward. By labeling someone as special needs, they now get all kinds of help throughout school, but once they finish school, do they still retain the "special needs" label when looking for a job. This was just starting as I was finishing school, and it was really the first concern that popped in my head. I guess what I have always wondered is:

    - Does the extra help continue after school. That is, are there lots of opportunities for people who didn't go the normal route, is the stigma I am assuming really not there/not as prevalent as I assume. I see the occasional "hiring people with x disability makes sense" ads around town recently so I imagine there are some, but enough to go around?
    - Were people any better off when they were just treated as "a little slow". That is, did the people who made it through school with these challenges end up having a better life after school as a result of not being labeled "special needs" and even as a result of having to deal with other normally-abled people, or again, is this not the issue I perceive it to be. I guess if most people didn't make it through because of their needs which weren’t being met it's a moot point.

    I suspect all these extra programs do way more good than harm, but I just sometimes wonder if we do people a disservice by segregating them into a "special" group/class.

    Again, sorry if this offends anyone/comes across as really stupid. Just something I've always wanted to know.

    On topic, I wish I was born 20 years earlier. As a computer geek, I would have loved to be around when it was all happening. Even without access to the kind of resources I had for learning (that people who pioneered computers didn't) I think my natural inclination towards math and technology would have driven me towards computers.. and call it ego.. but I think I would have done well. I mean, I'm doing well(ish) now, but computers are no longer the "wild west"... they are an industry.

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    I think you may be able to say those things about any generation. 20 years from now, I might say "I sure wish they had the tools for stuttering back then that they have now. Would have made me much better in classes." One has to accept that technology and educational development will continue to evolve and improve, and there will always be another issue that needs to be fixed.

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    Everyone feels that way as the get older. For instance, in 20 years, gay people may have universal equality. I may look back wishing that it was like that now. Everyone has their time, and the future will always be brighter than the present.

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    I very often feel like I shouldn't have been born until sometime in the future. Then again, the future could be better, or it could be worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterD View Post
    I think you may be able to say those things about any generation.
    True. My maternal grandmother died in 1967, having had the life sucked out of her by bronchial infections and asthma. Two more years, she'd have been one of the first people on Ventolin (salbutamol sulphate)... and who knows what extra lease of life that would have given her?


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    Butterfly Mage


    I feel bad for children born now. They will only know the yawning chasm between the rich and the poor. The movie "Soylent Green" took place in 2025 and we're absolutely going to be there by 2025 (possibly minus the cannibalism but certainly with 99% poverty and food shortages).

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    Your 35 years old, you know you have a disorder and you know how it affects you. I known you worked on it and have gotten better. However wallowing in self pity for all the shit that went down in the past honestly isn't good for jack squat. I might have aspegers too but even if I do, I don't see any damn reason why I should give a a single fuck about if I have it or not. I've been able to see my problems and it's up to me, up to us at the end of the day to improve ourselves. Especially if we had/have shitty teachers in school and life in general.

    I'm over throwing pity parties for anyone including myself. Since I am at least responsible for at least some of the problems that I suffered. So IMHO it's best to leave the past where it should be and just move on with whatever the heck it is person wants to do.

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