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    Is there any difference between Drynites, Goodnites, Underjams?

    I have on ATM Drynites

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    i think with the drynites and goodnites the only difference is the patterns there both kimberly clark products.

    Also have Drynites on =D

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    I can't say a lot about the diapers, but to my knowledge, drynites and goodnites are the same. The only difference is that they use the name drynites in Europe while they sell it as goodnites in America. As for underjams, they are different as it is a different company that makes them (pampers)

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    GoodNites and DryNites should have no difference. They are just re-named for the varying countries or something. Underjams, on the other hand, are very different. They are like a big Pampers Easy Up. I usually wear Underjams under my GoodNites because they seem to hold quite a lot and they are cheap! I got a pack of 40 for 20 at Target. Also I have noticed that DryNites come in packages of like 9 while the GoodNites come in packs of 12 and 21 for the L/XL size. Not quite sure why the DryNites do that but :/. Hope this helped!

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    I find that Goodnites are larger and more comfy than Underjams, but Underjams seem to hold more and the sides rip easy.

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    Personally, in the UK I find Underjams slightly smaller than Drynites. I like Drynites coz they are a cosy fit for me, but Underjams being slightly smaller takes it from "cosy" to "tight" and somewhat spoils the experience.

    Also in the UK Drynights and Underjams are about the same price in the supermarkets, but Drynites are a LOT cheaper online (Amazon UK). Don't know if it's the same down under?

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    Does anyone know why they sell them as goodnites here in the US but call them Drynites in the UK? I've always wondered if there was a reason for that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanch0 View Post
    Does anyone know why they sell them as goodnites here in the US but call them Drynites in the UK?
    I've wondered too and I don't know for sure, but my guess would be that it's something to do with psychology and marketing. Maybe they tried market research and the US and UK prospective buyers chose differently.
    Personally I think Drynites sounds better, but maybe that's coz I'm from the UK.

    Just outta interest, which one sounds better to you?

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    Just wanna say, as an aussie you likely wont get underjamz here

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