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Thread: Hamachi for LAN on the same STEAM account

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    Default Hamachi for LAN on the same STEAM account

    Alright me and my friend always play Gmod 10 on the same steam account at his house, but we can't play on the same server when I'm at my house.

    So I was wondering, could I use Hamachi as a LAN and connect to a LAN server using the same steam account?

    And would this work with 3 people, because his brother is taking the second computer to college with him, and I consider him my friend too and I would like to play with him and my friend all at the same time.

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    I doubt it, I personally have not tried it. But usually the games check the IDs/Serial codes all each client to ensure no two are the same. But I think it varies from game to game (if its not powered by the source engine). Why not check it out before you go by trying it on two computers at home.

    Also, stop being cheapskates, and make them buy the game :P on their own Steam account.

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    Lol the account was originally theres then they gave it to me, and I bought gmod 10 now they only really play that game, so I'm pretty sure they don't want to go out buy hl2 then buy gmod.

    Anyways, I just figured this would be the easiest way to do it since one of us keeps getting kicked off when the other logs in =/

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    No, I really have no idea how we do it, we pretty much just set up a LAN game on one computer, you HAVE to set it to LAN though, then you can join with the other.

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    I've logged into steam simultaneously on two computers, my laptop and desktop. Never seem to have a problem there.

    Putting the system in offline will still let your lan games work. Its simple, make sure its all upto date then click File> Go offline. Then steam will be placed in offline mode. But not too sure about joining the same lan server. On an internet server, you typically get booted if your steamID is appeared to be log into a server, where you disconnect incorrectly and you have yet to time out.

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    ive played CS:S useing the same steamid on 2 computers in offline mode on LAN

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    At LAN party at my friends house, we had like 6 people on one steam account for CSS LAN =/.

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