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Thread: A somewhat older newbie from Belgium

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    Default A somewhat older newbie from Belgium

    My name is Moli (well, not my real name). It's short for MoliCare - the diaper I used to wear all the time until about 8 years ago. I'm an almost 50 years old computer professional living in Belgium.

    I enjoy diving, riding motorcycles and ... diapers! (Yes, I did dive and ride diapered, too! Still working on how to do all three hobbies at the same time :-) )

    Approximately 15 years ago, I discovered that I was NOT alone, by typing "adult diaper" into AltaVista (the predominant search engine before Google). Until that day I thought that there was something wrong with me, since I had these strong urges to wear a thick diaper while not incontinent.

    Well - not always continent. I have had serious bedwetting issues until my teenage years, with all the problems it can cause. I remember being forced back into diapers on a camping trip - something I resisted loudly enough that other campers came inquiring what was wrong. My parents would answer those questions, adding to my shame.

    I've had this diaper preoccupation for as long as I can remember and started acting upon it as puberty hit. First, I would cut leg openings into thick grocery bags and use towels for diapers.

    Much later, while living independently, I gathered enough courage to buy adult diapers in a specialty store, telling them I needed the diapers for a visiting grandparent. A likely story? I guess the store owner was just very good about it...

    After I found out it was 'normal', or at least harmless enough and that many others did the same thing, I started wearing at least every night and stretches of time 24/7. That caused an enormous waste-output out of my household: I decided to try cloth. Eventually, I started making my own diapers (custom fit, too!) and making them ever thicker. I prefer cloth over disposable: more thickness, less waste, better environmentally.

    I had a brief spell of trying out my AB side, which isn't there. For me, it's just about diapers: a classic DL. I do enjoy, however, when my girlfriend locks my pants so I can't take my diaper off by myself.

    I found out that most people won't notice thick diapers when worn under jeans and covered by a shirt. Every once in a while, I 'test' my girlfriend - she usually misses them. Another (ex-)girlfriend who is an healthcare professional, does notice. I think the uninitiated won't see it, mostly because they don't expect it. That said, I never wear while working or in the company of family and friends.

    Now that I've been wearing thick diapers to bed for years, my body unconsciencely knows it's OK to wet while sleeping. The good thing is: the reverse is true as well. (Naked or just undies: no peeing while sleeping!).

    I've come to fully accept my diaper-side and I'm quite happy about that. No more purge-binge cycles, just diapers when I want them (which tends to fluctuate).

    The one diaper-friend I have in the real world pointed this site out me, and here I am: ready to make new virtual friends...
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    If you're older, good luck here.

    It must be a great thing, to be from a country that has told its government, "we can do without you." And has done just this for over a year (if memory serves).

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    Belgium does have government(s).

    There's the previous federal one, which takes care of the ongoing business while a new one is being formed (for more than a year, yes).

    And there are four other parlaments: Flemish, Walloon, Brussels and German-speaking (one for each region). It's taking so long because the two largest regions are getting more nationalistic which makes cooperation harder.

    Think: California and Oregon bickering in Washington DC about how federal and state money (and thus power) should be distributed between them.

    I guess those politicians have pinned their diapers on too tight making them feel uncomfortable...

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    Speaking of Belgium, would be Flemish, Walloon or something else? I'm kind of curious if you're one on the many Dutch speakers that has joined recently or if you're here to help me and a few other francophones take over the site

    Being a CS student myself, I'm curious of what you do - IT, developement, web stuff?

    And also, how exactly does one combine diving, biking and diapers? That sounds... extreme O.O

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    Default Welcome here at ADISC

    Hi Moli,
    Thanks for your story and welcome to ADISC. I have been browsing around here @ ADISC for a few months (I am also a newbie here! ). I already have initiated a couple of threads and did some responding here and there. I experienced that people around here are very polite and very understanding in all ABDL related things.
    Anyway, have fun reading all the posts and subjects here. For me -also a bit of an 'older' 46 y.o. DL- some things really were an eye opener for me. Never too old to learn


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    Welcome to ADISC Moli! My BS is in CS! (Bachelor's in Computer Science), and we're far from alone here on ADISC. Lots of computer professionals or professionals in training here. Also, while not quite as old as you, I am older than most here, and I can say it's never to late to start and make new friends.

    Also, I can totally relate with your story of thinking something was wrong with you until you found the internet in the 90s. I could have typed the paragraph you wrote myself! Though I'm not sure which search engine it was I used the first time, it very likely could have been AltaVista. The other possibility is WebCrawler. Remember that one? Anyway welcome to the fun that is ADISC!

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    Je crois que il y a des francophones ici! (I live in Wallon, speak more than two languages, I have a non-Belgian nationality, and I'm not prepared to take over anything.)

    Seriously, I think that people in a multi-linguistic (and maybe therefore multi-cultural) country should be obliged to speak each other's language. If someone starts to be chauvinistic about their language then trouble starts. We're all people, right? It doesn't matter what language we use - we just need to want to understand each other.

    Good thing we're using English as the 'lingua franca' here - let's keep it that way. Should you - in case of non-proficiency - need to revert to another language: go ahead! I do translations too!

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    Thanks for the welcome - new places are ... whatever. This one is welcoming.

    It felt soooo good to know that I wasn't alone. It was like that 'weight lifted off your shoulders'. It helped me a lot getting to terms with my 'quirck'.

    Do you think that there are more-than-average computer professionals involved in this diaper thing? Are 'we' different? Did 'we' flee into technology because it's so conveniently devoid of human interaction?

    Yes, I do remember webcrawlers. I seem to remember bang notation e-mail addresses as well: ...!uunet!hp4nl!mycompany!myname. Senders had to complete my address so that the "..." was replaced by their host(s) to uunet - this was before DNS.

    What was that very first 'search engine' that would search thru stuff and report back via e-mail, which was by dial-up uucp. I can't remember the name right now... Ohh I'm feeling ooold!

    If I keep this up, I'll need diapers like old people do...

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