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Thread: Addicted to Diapers?

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    Default Addicted to Diapers?

    OK, so I think I may be getting addicted a bit, I only go about 4 or 5 hours at max without one on and it has me wondering, is this normal? well, obviously not in general :P but has/are anyone else feel like they need to be in diapers as much as possible? or am I just an odd ball? ps I don't mean in a sexual way, not really my thing.

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    Ive heard worse. There are people that try to make themselves IC, so I think its pretty normal for a DL to feel a strong urge like that. I think that you might want to try cutting down. Maybe 2 a day? Or maybe to motivate yourself have a "No Diaper Friday" something like that you know? To me it sounds like you MIGHT and I say might, be getting addicted. Ive had a phase like that where I cant stand not having a diaper on. Hope this helps!

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    I haven't been diapered for 3 or 4 days and I've been depressed.I don't think that's the whole reason.There's nothing wrong with you.

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    I would have to say that if you can afford enough diapers to stay diaper 24~7 for an entire month than go for it. You will probly grow tired of being constanly in diapers by the end of the second week you will not even want to see another diaper for a long while.

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    I find that if you over load use them in a short amount of time, like use as many as possible for a few days, that kind of kills the urge for a while too, might give that a shot

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    Binging on diapers. I guess its allright if you can afford it but i would still try and moderate use if i were you.

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    The key to avoiding a binge-purge cycle with diapers is, in my opinion, listen to your feelings. Wear diapers as much as you want (so long as you can afford them). When you don't want to, don't. I agree with others- go nuts with them for a bit, then it'll be out of your system for a while.

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    If you want to wear them...go for it...there is way worse things to become addicted with...

    But that said I'm sure the newness will wear off...or a good diaper rash will usually cure a binge...

    I've had to wear at night for well 39 years now...damn I'm feeling old today...well I've had fun with them...just makes a problem for me a bit less of an issue...I now wear most days too...too many drugs (prescription not like meth!) and I'm either in a diaper or at home where I can take real good care of things ifnthey go awry...

    Anyhow back on track...if there is one at all anymore...

    Do what makes you feel good about yourself and others...

    Don't take anybody's word on your own personal journey...

    Ask questions...take all the answers including mine and see if they feel good for you...after all that is all that really counts...

    Well, I've done it again...rambling on like an old man...preaching...well...

    That's it I'm getting my footies and my paci and yep my dog fluffy...gota get out of the old man groove...I'm giving myself the willies...ouch!


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