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Thread: A remedy against Suicide?

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    Default A remedy against Suicide?

    Surfing the net, I've found this site: / Video & Audio / Interactive graphics - When death is a reminder to live

    Some companies, in Korea, as suicide prevention, send their employees to this courses where they experience their funeral.
    They lays down in a coffin for five minutes with a whit flower on their chest and they read their last wills in a dark room in front of the persons who will be there in case of their real funeral.
    Many of them feels sad, decide to not commit suicide and, sometimes, employees increase their productivity.

    The same person who created this "well-dying" courses is now creating new experiences, like a fake cremation and a fake day in jail (to dissuade people to commit illegal actions).

    This is happening in Korea with good results.
    Do you think it could be useful to in America and Europe?

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    I think it could work...But I think we may have a higher suicide rate, which would mean we would need a lot more people dedicated to making these fake things

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    I don't think any situation is hopeless enough to do harm to yourself, there are ways to get help with everything, but you need the courage to ask for help.

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    But....But....But... BUBBA Was nice to me..... He made me feel special.. XD

    Yeah It might help in other countries.

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    It's something similar to what was shown some time ago on a French TV channel about what they do on French highways to prevent accidents.

    When someone gets caught speeding, drinking drunk or behaving in a potentially harmful way as a driver, cops not only give him the fine he deserves, but take him into their van and show him a video that collects horrible (real) scenes of car crashes with people burning alive inside their cars etc... etc... and I bet everyone who has seen such things is going to think twice before engaging in crazy driving again.

    If seen under this perspective, the fake funeral can be an interesting idea, but the fact that you have to show people their own funerals to make them realize that life is better than death clearly tells that we're living in a very sad world of mentally ill people where madness has taken the place of logic and common sense.

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    Eh... I've seen horrible car crashes... I've seen faces of death... I still drive fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Eh... I've seen horrible car crashes... I've seen faces of death... I still drive fast.
    But have you experienced it? That's what these things are showing...What it would be like if it happened to you, by you experiencing it...Watching it happen to other people isn't as must of an impact

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    But have you experienced it?
    I'm gonna say no... I have not experienced a life-altering car crash...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I'm gonna say no... I have not experienced a life-altering car crash...

    Then no wonder you still drive fast

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    the fact is if you experience something shocking, your mind will remember it easily, so the shock of laying in a casket or being involved in a car accident, will prevent you from doing it again.
    In this case fear turn useful.

    About car accidents, I've experienced it by myself with a scooter, and probably I'll never drive a scooter anymore.

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