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Thread: Which Linux to use

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    Default Which Linux to use

    While I was surfin the net for some info on linux I came across this link.

    It about a 5-min test that ask you a few qustions and then it will tell you which ver. of linux that you may like.

    I took the test and it recommend:


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    I'm going to install Debian on the system I have as soon as I can find some stupid SCSI drivers for this MoBo.

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    To be personally honest, every one gets those if you want a typical setup. I have used both OpenSuse and K/Ubuntu. They are both pretty good. I would let you try Opensuse first, comes with one the best installers ever made IMHO and comes with java/flash and Mp3 support. All the software you are bound to use is on the DVD. When you do go through Setup, I would recommend that you don't choise the new KDE 4, it was very very unstable for me and just kept crashing, even after the post-release patches.

    Ubuntu is good, is that it also just works, but may require a little more effort to get things running, but since its so popular, googling any problem is bound to give you answers.

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    *hates KDE*

    Either Ubuntu or OpenSUSE would be good for you, methinks. They both are easy on newcomers, they should help you get familiar with Linux.

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    I'd say kubuntu. I'm going to have to disagree with mm3. KDE rocks .

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    E17 | Gnome | Openbox | Blackbox | XFCE FTW!

    I just really dislike KDE.... it's hideous!

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    KDE looks like Windows, which some people like, others hate, I would guess that most people who hate the Windows interface would also hate KDE.

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