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Thread: Have any of you ever had to deal with an accident when?

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    Default Have any of you ever had to deal with an accident when?

    Have any of you ever had to deal with an accident when taking a shower and not having your protection on. Also have any of you ever had an accident while in the process of changing your own diaper. We all hear those stories about moms that get peed on by their babies when they are changing their diapers so it got me thinking if this has ever happend to any adults?

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    Not to me, but presumably it does happen sometimes.


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    Accidents do happen at awkward and unexpected times - I guess thats almost a definition of an accident. Being honest I don't think anyone need worry about peeing in the shower - it might not be the kind of thing you usually do - but an awful lot of non-incontinent people do and for anyone the sound of running water can be a trigger to urinate. It can happen that you pee involuntarily when you are changing and personally If I am not in a bathroom I keep the used diaper handy and unbagged just in case I leak or feel I need to "go" and don't want to get the fresh diaper wet unneccesarily.

    I don't know about the experience of others but fecal incontinence does seem to give more "early warnings" than urinary leaking so may not be such a problem in this context where the person concerned is able to care for themselves and is not reliant on a care-giver.

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