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    Hey you guys. I was wondering who I should talk to about my academic standing at college and my overal academic career. I'm struggling with a particular class and I have just run out of options. It gotten to a point were I'm literally becoming depressed about it. I have tried so many different methods of studying and I just can't seem to pass the class. I've gone as far as doing straight all nighters and keeping my self isolated from my friends just to study but I can't seem to passes the stupid class. It so frustrating. I just need somebody to talk to. Sorry about this rant you guys but I'm at a complete loss.

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    Most schools have an academic advisor, and they tend to be really good at helping to map out a path to success. The best option might be to drop the class and pick it up next semester. There is no shame in taking an extra year to finish school if it means that you'll do better in the classes you take.

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    There are guidance folks at the college you could always talk to... they have helped me in the past... or maybe try a tutor.. what is the class.?

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    I have talked to my assigned advisor and she just keeps saying to try to gain credit elsewhere and transfer it back to CU. Either that or try a different career. I'm to a point where i keep questioning whether or not i should even be persueing a medical career. The class that i'm struggling with is General Chem. I have tried to pass this class three times now and i just dont know what my problem is. Since the class is already over, dropping it is out of the question. I have tried to seek help but my problem is with my taking the exams for that class. I feel like I'm understanding the material but my scores say otherwise. And it isnt just this class. It seems like im just having trouble trying to grasp the lecture information. Whenever im in lecture It been tough for me to keep my attention focused on the topic at hand. I take pretty good nots but after i get home and sit down to review, i just cant seem to correlate it to what was said in class. I just dont know where to go from here.

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    Did you go to any of the professor's office hours? Exam reviews?

    Office hours: While I didn't go to office hours in general chemistry, they are really helpful in general even if you don't have specific questions. They give you the opportunity to discuss what was covered in lecture/lab that day/week to make sure you're following the information. Doing this can also help you to find areas that you don't understand well (even if you feel like you got them in lecture).

    Exam reviews: I found that exam reviews were EXTREMELY helpful because they reminded me of what we had covered in that unit. Even if I didn't have questions, other people's questions would help me. At the point of the review, I had already done most of my studying, so I used them as one last check to see what else I should look over.

    You also said that you feel like you're taking good notes but that they turn out to not be so helpful. To work on taking notes, you should try to attend a note-taking workshop so you can learn what to write down and how to more efficiently take notes. I've gathered tips from teachers and professors over the years that have been helpful, but I know that going to a note-taking workshop would be even more helpful.

    Let me know if I can help, I wanna be here for you buddy.

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    I think you mentioned this in your original statement, but could you take the same course at a junior college, or some other place where it's transferable? Sometimes, other schools are easier in a particular course. Chemistry is one of those courses most people have to take if they are going into the medical field, even RNs. There's got to be a way, so I would look for another college and try the course there. Just make sure CU recognizes them. I took a lot of courses at Central Virginia Community College, and they were are transferable to places like UVA, Virginia Tech, Lynchburg College, etc.

    The other thing is that it sounds like you now have a mental block, as you are psychologically blocking your own headway. I think you have to find a student/friend who has passed this course, and can help you get through it. Good luck.

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    In addition to academic advisers, your campus may also offer psychological counseling services. And if so, chances are it's covered by your student health insurance, assuming you have that. Go take a look.

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    He mentioned wanting to go to medical school. Taking a CC course is anathema to med school adcoms (thou obviously beats failing it or just not taking it).

    To the OP, keep in mind that AMCAS doesn't do grade replacement. IE, if you fail the course, take it next semester, and get a B, both the F and B count toward your GPA (AMCAS will force you to put in all your grades- every damn one- and calculate a GPA for you). If you can drop the course and get a W (and you're otherwise failing), do that. Then make plans to retake.

    As for who to talk to, most schools have different services available. Usually there's some sort of an academic advising office that provides advisement to anyone who walks in or makes an appointment. There's probably also a tutoring center or something of that nature, and there should be students who have passed the class working there. Check out if such services are available

    Also, your school probably has a health professions advisor, who answers questions from students about getting ready for and applying to medical school. Find out who that is, and ask him/her for advice. More than likely it'll be a biology prof. Then again, sometimes the pre-heath advisor will be a hack. I visited the one at my college only once. The two things I remember from that visit are that the MCAT dates on his door were four years old, and he spent 20 minutes trying to convince me I want to be a veterinarian. It was the last time I ever asked him for advice.

    Is the course in question your second semester of organic chem + lab? If so, a number of MD schools will actually let you take a semester of biochemistry + lab (4 credits total) in place of your second semester of o-chem. Look into this. Just realize that by doing this, you WILL be crossing off a number of medical schools from the list you'll be eligible for as not all of them do this. Go to the AAMC and buy a copy of the requirements book and see which schools allow this, if you have questions. And keep in mind you'll still need to pass your first semester of o-chem + lab in any case.

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