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Thread: Casey Anthony found not guilty

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    Default Casey Anthony found not guilty

    Not sure how many of you have followed the trial, but I wholeheartedly believe she just got away with murder.

    But, the American judicial system was founded on the principle that it is better to let 10 guilty people go free than to wrongly convict one innocent person.

    Is it time to revise that policy?

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    Innocent until proven guilty. The prosecutors couldn't provide enough evidence, so that's that. She's innocent, the end, let's go home.

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    I just heard about that; I haven't watched the news or anything, so I've kind of been stuck on one view point (GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!). But you make a valid point about the US law there.

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    I heard about it. That was awful, in my opinion. She may go free, but she have to face with many angry people out there, therefore, putting her life at risk. Despite that she's "innocent", she will be branded as a "killer" to the society and she will never will be same, regardless.

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    As Alecs Said, she was found innocent, and our justice system Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

    Yes I think we all know she was Guilty but You cant convict someone because you "know" their Guilty. Sure this might be a case Where the Justice System might be flawed, but what can you do? Nothing is perfect.

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    to be clear here, she was found "not guilty" not innocent. I think the jury made the right decision. there really wasn't enough concrete evidence to go on. that woman is guilty of something for sure though. can only hope more evidence or something further is brought up to find out what really happen.

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    I don't like how she wasn't found gulity. but the defense team did a damn good job and the prosecuting team wasn't able to prove who killed caylee if she ever was killed out of malice in the first place. But honestly it still does really suck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Is it time to revise that policy?
    No. Protecting the innocents from crimes *and* from false imprisonment is, in my humble opinion, the most important aspect of the justice system.

    From what I've heard, it's the right decision. The case itself seemed incredibly weak and based entirely on circumstantial evidence. From what I have read, they managed to prove that she was a douche, a liar, a terrible mother, etc. but not that she was a murderer. So convicting her of murder would have been a sham. Shame on the prosecutors for not waiting to have a more solid case.

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    A link to the story? It's in every major paper in the country ;-)

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