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    Red face Summer

    Itís summer (around here anyway) and what do you like to wear around the house .Me I like to run around like we did when we were kids just a diaper. The fun and freedom is great. AT this time itís a Bambino! What are you wearing?

    We are the wet ones.
    Resistance is futile.
    You will be diapered

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    Dude. I live in Texas. If I could strip my skin off of my body, I'd do it. And I'd still be hot. -_- FFFFFFFFF-

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    Shorts. Its Acually kinda warm here, and the way my house it built its hot.

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    t-shirt, drynights and boxer shorts over the top, just in case I get unexpected visitors =)

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    i wear just shorts (like athletic ones, can't explain well xD) and some shirts I have that breath pretty well. Its too damn hot out to actually dress like you give a shit >.>

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    diapers, tee shirt when no ones around XD

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    I'm a huge fan of leaving my bathing suit on all day, because I'm in & out of the pool anyhow (unfortunately it's rare I get days to just laze around and do that). If I'm out & about doing whatever, it's generally some type of sundress. If I'm working, since there's a dress code, super light capris and a t-shirt.

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    The still sell the 'breathable' versions of Abena (which are simply just cloth-backed, if I remember correctly from a year ago) I may have to check them out soon. The humidity makes wearing anywhere outside of my home a chore if I'm padded.

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