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Thread: Your favourite thing to do while padded.

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    Red face Your favourite thing to do while padded.

    As the title suggests, I was wondering, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you're padded? What is the thing you like to do most while padded? Personally, I love playing with Pokemon cards for hours and hours.

    What about you?

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    Watching tv and films in bed. And using the diaper =P
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    Love watching TV, chilling in bed as well. I guess going out for late night walks (downtown areas) is maybe slightly more fun while padded.

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    everything is better padded, but if i had to choose probaly on my pc or in my bed padded and using

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    I usually snuggle up to my girlfriend(who then takes on a motherly role) and watch a movie. And ofcourse wetting the diaper, after witch my girlfriend will change me. Or we play one of the old boardgames. Always fun!

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    Watching a movie in bed with my girlfriend while using the diaper. Then having her change me later which usually involves sex. Play ps3 or PC games padded is also really fun.

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    Playing my computer...diapers are amazing for world of warcraft

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    Cuddling with my puppy

    Actually really just doing normal stuff while padded sounds like fun. But I never have been padded before, so these are just guesses.

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