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Thread: Discrimination against fat people?

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    Default Discrimination against fat people?

    Just heard some crazy lady on the radio say, (and I paraphrase) "Airlines shouldn't make fat people pay more for special seats. That's discrimination." She was commenting on the fact that some airlines may soon be charging obese passenger first-class far for a special coach seat big enough to accomodate them due to rising oil costs (more fat people = more weight on the plane = more wasted fuel). I have a sneaking suspicioun she could be overweight...

    Anyway, is that really discrimination? They're just providing an alternative to cramming a fat guy into a tiny seat in coach. It makes it easier for everyone. If you choose to live an unhealthy life style and become morbidly obese, that's your decision. Expect consequences for your actions (i.e. paying more for a seat that can accomodate you). Don't want to pay as much? Lose some weight. You'll feel better.

    Discrimination would be telling a fat person he can't go swimming in your pool because he's too fat.

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    Yes but what if you work out every day and eat healthy yet your still fat, it's not fair to those people who have slow metabolisms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    Yes but what if you work out every day and eat healthy yet your still fat, it's not fair to those people who have slow metabolisms.
    It takes a little extra work for them, but they can still slim down. I know someone like that.

    But that isn't the point of the thread.

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    It's really not discrimination. First of all, there's only so much room in a plane and space is at a premium. Secondly, do YOU wanna be the person assigned to the seat next to the 300lb guy who's spilling over the arm rests? That's not fair to you the other passenger. You paid for an acceptably comfortable seat and the only reason it's uncomfortable is because the guy next to you doesn't fit in his seat.

    Let's face it, in an airplane people are just cargo that needs to be fed and have access to a bathroom, cargo is something we charge by weight and size.

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    Well, it's not much discrimination, as much as failing airlines frantically grasping at whatever they can to prop themselves up. And, I think in this case, the charge is fair (and this is coming from a guy who could stand to lose a few pounds himself... although wouldn't be near spilling over into the next seat ).

    Now, there was also talk of doing it purely based on weight. I think this is discrimination. Why? Should a skinny 6ft tall guy pay more than a tubby midget? I mean, mathematically it might make sense, but I don't think people will accept that. The whole reason people are willing to justify this to themselves at all is that they can tell themselves "It's a choice.. that person doesn't have to be that way, but chose to be." But people don't choose to be 6ft tall or midgets. "Sorry sir, but you shouldn't have drank so much milk as a kid!"

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    Chevre beat me to it. I think it needs to be based on seat size. Have a few different size seats, those in xl or l seats need to be paying more.

    I may be 100 pounds more than my friend, but she is over a foot and a half shorter, but if we both sit down she takes up more space width wise. (Making this up btw) so I think she should pay more, not me.

    Like Chevre said, a 6ft 200pd guy shouldn't have to pay more if they fit fine in a seat, however a 190pound person who's only 4ft9inches should have to pay extra, because they probably wear a size 48.

    I don't care if a person is born fat, they can lose weight. There is no excuse for being fat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    Yes but what if you work out every day and eat healthy yet your still fat, it's not fair to those people who have slow metabolisms.
    It's possible to change your metabolic rate by dieting. I'm tired of all these fat bastards and their fat excuses. The fact is, if the airlines give these fatasses more room, they can't accommodate for more passengers. They will lose money. You think it's expensive filling up your gas tank,? Try filling up with jet fuel.

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    It's discrimination. You're paying for a seat, on the plane. It's the airlines responsibility to ensure that the seats on their aircraft can fit you. Nobody should have to pay more than anyone else :\

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    Eh, metabolism depends on a lot of things including genetics, age, gender, the person's diet, and activity level. You can change some of them, but not others. Some people are prone to weight gain, but it's not an excuse to be fat. You have to know your body, and if you have a slow metabolism, you have to eat less. Maybe think of it in terms that you get better mileage .

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    Some forms of obesity can be directly related to a genetic issue that is beyond a person's control. However, for a vast majority of people, it is simply a lack of self control combined with an easy lifestyle.

    Even so, think about how many thousands of people that are stricken with other disabilities or disorders that need to pay extra in some cases for something that accommodates their particular needs.

    Life handed you the short straw in your weight, I'm sorry, but that's how things are. I got the short straw in some areas too, you gotta learn to cope with it.

    If you are so large that you are taking up two normal-sized seats, you've gotta start getting used to paying extra when you want to fly.

    There are very, very, very few cases where obesity is just simply something a person cannot in any way help themselves. Sure it might be difficult, sure, it might be inconvenient, but either put yourself through the trouble to lose weight, or deal with it, like millions of other people have to do with their respective disorders (assuming that you have a genetic predisposition towards obesity). If it's a lack of self control, well then, I really don't feel sorry for you, period.

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