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    Question Quick Question (Bambino)

    So I just recently tried my first few Teddy Bambinos after a nightmarishly long an difficult effort to actually GET them (ordering w/o credit card, parents, shipping, parents, etc).

    It's been a while, and I've decided to risk getting some again. However, after an email to bambino, they are apparantly going to be out of the Medium sized Teddies for another 80 days or so. This is kind of lame, so I'm stuck chosing between either the Classicos or the X-Plus that they apparantly sell on their site now.

    I have two questions to ask 'the pros' before I bite the bullet. First, tapes are very very important to me. I loved the Teddies for the most part, the only problem I had was on almost every single diaper at least one (sometimes more) of the tapes would mysteriously pop off every now and then. Oddly enough, they would come completely off the area where they are originally connected to the diaper. The tape itself would stay on the heavy plastic...thing, but that's sort of a moot point when the tape itself tears off completely.

    Keeping that in mind, should I opt for the X-Plus's instead? Are the tapes on those any different? How about the Classicos?

    Second, is it more economical to buy a case of 48 for $65.96 or 4 bag of 8 (32 total) for $56.96? (I chose the latter for my first time buying)

    Thanks in advance! I appreciate any help!

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    Get classic and quit taping them so tightly...

    And they are all the same now... the prints are the only diffrence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan09 View Post
    Second, is it more economical to buy a case of 48 for $65.96 or 4 bag of 8 (32 total) for $56.96? (I chose the latter for my first time buying)
    65.96 / 48 = $1.37 per diaper
    56.96 / 32 = $1.78 per diaper

    The case is more economical.

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    I got the X-plus since they were out of Teddies and Biancos. They fit exactly the same. Tapes work very good. The only difference is print on front panel and they have a blue soaker pad rather then white. As far as I can tell absorbency is the same as well. Bottom line, I had no regrets with X-plus until the others are back in stock.

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