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Thread: My Intro cause i'm new and follow the rules (sometimes)

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    Default My Intro cause i'm new and follow the rules (sometimes)

    well umm, lets see here! first off, i'm very bubbley! i am often of accused of "being too cute" not like my looks, but how i act! umm... i think i'm pretty silly, and funny, and i dont take things hardly serious enough. but oh well! i like to have fun! umm as far as career LOL i have NO idea. school, well i'm home schooled. (to be explained later) =P my interests are reading and writing, the internet, drawing. creative stuff! i like music, mostly like emo i guess. My Chemical Romance <3 <3 <3 but anyway if i HAD to guess what i'll be when i grow up ( LOL as if) is a writer. books. i've already writted two of them (dont worry not published lol)

    well what brought me here, hehe. i'm sort of weird i guess. when i was little and my parents started to potty train me i fought back so hard that they gave up and kept me in diapers. so now here i am 14 years old and i've never been potty trained because every time they try to get me to do it i just fight fight fight. but they havent tried to take me out of diapers since i was 10. last time that happened i just acted like i was still wearing them and went all over myself and didnt even care. i guess it sounds pretty bad, well i am pretty bad. i mean i'm old and smart enough that i dont need to be potty trained anymore, i just love diapers too much. and really i want to be a baby again so i'm a teen baby too. which i kinda forced that on my parents too, cause i make them change me (thats it, i dont make them treat me like a baby). i refuse to change myself. so that explains why i'm home schooled. i mean they tried to put me in therapy and stuff, but i wouldn't talk to them (therapists). so pretty much where i'm at now is that i'm diapered 24/7, my parents change me, and i've never used a normal toilet in my entire life. i think my parents have given up fighting me on it because other then this i'm the perfect daughter i guess you could say =P just on this issue i'm completely stubborn and will not budge on. i guess when i'm old enough that they kick me out i'll start changing my own diapers but thats about it. unless i find some one to do it for me. but yeah i'd be a baby 24/7 if i could, currently i just have pacifiers, and i am rarely ever seen without one even in public. i'm the sort that i don't care at all what other people think of me. i'm me, accept me or gtfo. =) but i'm a sweet person i promise =P
    oh and btw, i am mostly cant control it. i have to wear diapers now. i might be able to stop if i did those (keegal i think?) exercises, but i don't want to get out of diapers so no exercises for me =P

    what am i looking for... hmm...well since i'm home schooled and the thing stated above, my life is pretty boring. dont go to high school, dont leave the house barely ever. i've never tried to get to know people like me, that share this intrest, so i thought i should give it a try, most my life is dedicated to the internet anyway. so yeah, just a sense of community then would be the answer for that. so i searched google for "teen baby forum" and up popped this site, so here i am.

    I think that covers everything!

    -Baby Kelsey

    P.S. please dont rag on me about forcing my parents into it cause i dont want to hear it. thank you =)
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    thanks =)

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    if you sent me a PM, sorry i can't reply =/

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    Welcome to the site!

    You're right, there is definitely points of contention in your intro - probably enough to split the community over! But as you don't want it commented on, I'll keep quiet

    As you're home schooled, do you get to have many friends in real life? How do they cope with your choice?

    I love MCR, lots of my friends take the piss for it, but I just enjoy blasting their songs out! What's your favourite song by them?

    Anyway, welcome again, I hope you enjoy our *little* community!

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    i have no friends in real life. i dont really leave the house unless i have to. by choice. i have a fear of being around strangers.

    fav song by mcr= Vampires will never hurt you

    hehe thanks =)

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    Welcome to the forums!

    What kind of artwork do you draw? Do you upload to DA?

    Enjoy the community!

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    i like to draw anime, but i dont draw originals. i print a picture off the internet and then draw it twice as big.

    no i dont upload my stuff to dA. my artistical adventures are my private thing lol this includes my poems =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyKelsey96 View Post
    P.S. please dont rag on me about forcing my parents into it cause i dont want to hear it. thank you =)
    This is probably the only reason I'm posting...

    You're an extremely selfish person for doing this. Everyone needs to grow up some day. You going to call your parents to come change you when you're at work? You going to make it a requirement to be hired?

    On a side note, this is clearly all a lie anyway, so my above statements are null.

    If you DID insist on wearing diapers at your age and refusing to train, your parents would have two options:
    1) Stop buying diapers. Sure, you'd ruin clothes, but eventually you'd want to be in clean clothes and would change and stop.
    2) Stop changing you so you need to do it yourself. If you don't, you get a rash. Completely your own fault.

    This is also written as poor fap fiction.

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    thanks for making assumptions, and accusations you cant back up.

    1: they did do that. i lasted longer then they did. and if they did it again, i would last longer once again.
    2: i dont have an answer for that. but i dont change myself, thats what matters.
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    Hey Kelsey, I hope you don't find these questions too intrusive, I'm just trying to build a mental picture of your situation :-)

    Out of interest, what will you do when you are older re: changing? Are you hoping to find a full time adult baby carer - as unfortunately they don't really exist (unless you had an *awful* amount of money to allow you to be unemployed and get babied 24/7 - and good contacts!)

    Also, what diapers do your parents use at the moment? If they stopped doing buying them, how long would you wet yourself for before you tried to train yourself? I just wonder how long you'd cope with the wet bed and underwear for?

    You said you rarely leave the house as you are afraid of strangers, and are unfortunate in not having any friends - but you mentioned you like going out in public with your pacifier - how often do you go out? And if you could go out in full AB clothing, would you do it?

    As an aside, you said you were a perfect daughter - I assume this means you're excelling at home schooling, brilliant manners etc? Do you ever worry you will struggle in the adult world if you have limited contact with it now? Also, when you are 18, what would you do if your parents kicked you out?

    Again, sorry for being so forward - feel free not to answer me!


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