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Thread: Hi im kinda new

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    Default Hi im kinda new

    Hi everyone Im Matt,
    im 16 and i love wearing diapers and being a baby
    i wanna meet other teens like me

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    Hey Matt!

    Welcome to ADISC. Without a doubt, you will meet plenty of others just like you.

    However, before that, why don't you tell us a bit more about what makes Matt 'Matt'? Music? Hobbies? Movies?

    You'll find that while people love diapers on ADISC, we talk about a TON of other topics having nothing to do with diapers.

    Welcome again and I hope you find ADISC to be a second home!

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    Well i like playing lacrosse,
    and listening to classic rock such as the grateful dead
    i skateboard,
    I guess i could share a quick story into how my TB/DL life got started;
    So i was i guess 9 and sleeping over my friends and his mom had said right before we went to bed
    that he had been wetting the bed recently, so he had a rubber sheet.
    So i thought it felt right to wet the bed too. So when i woke up the next morning i wet myself on purpose.
    Then got scared and dried it all with a big shirt i was wearing. LOL pretty random but yeah.

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