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Thread: A resignation at gunpoint

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    Default A resignation at gunpoint

    I write this with a heavy heart and low spirits. As many of you know I've been the chaplain of a motorcycle club for the past several years.

    Today the chief, and one of my closest friends decided to get drunk and abuse his power with another member. I stepped between them and put myself in the path of a .38 revolver to try to resolve the situation.

    Once the victim had a chance to leave property I tried to reason with the prez. As Chaplain it is my duty to do so, however it ended up being perceived as insubordination.

    I don't want to get into specifics, but I got two guys out of harms way, and left with a potentially broken hand, three shots being fired at me.

    I imagine many of you will wonder why I could possibly be sorry to go, but as I laid my colors down to resign in response to the days folly I cannot help but believe that I've lost a family.

    I worry what will happen without me to put out fires, and will miss going to the clubhouse to hang out with the guys. I do not make close friendships easily and invest myself heavily when I care for someone, but I simply cannot have this as part of my life and draw the line at my son in hysterics because he went with me to a place he has always felt safe and watched his dad get shot at.

    I'm reaching out here because I need the support this place offers and because I am both in physical pain and heartbroken. All I ask is that the more cynical folks not snipe me with a bunch of "that is what you get for hanging out with them" posts. I love these guys and although motorcycles and bike events carry some danger, I never thought it would come from my own brothers.

    Maybe I'm just rambling now, but I'm at a loss while I suffer a profound loss.

    I hurt ...
    I need ...
    I bleed ...
    I hurt ...
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    Butterfly Mage


    I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I can't imagine how I would feel if I got booted from my coven. Your bravery is amazing. You are a real hero to put yourself in front of a gun aimed at another. You may no longer be affiliated with that organization, but what makes you a true servant of the light cannot be taken be any man or woman. You have courage, honor, and integrity -- all of which is pleasing to deity.

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    That really sucks, man.

    Not a lot of people are willing to get in the way of a gun, particularly one in the hands of a drunk guy. Their certainly losing a good member, and I hope you can meet some people that you come to enjoy as much as you did them.

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    **Hugs Khaymen**

    I always thought the club you were with was one of the safer ones (and not one of the stereotyped ones from out of biker films), so I am a bit surprised to hear this happened to you. Remember though, you are also a part of the ADISC club, and we greatly respect your being a part of us. Meaning, no need to worry about that stuff happening here.

    Anyhow, I wish you and your son the best. This is very tough, but until the prez is taking care of his drinking problems, then I doubt things will change. It's a major lose to grieve, but you will find yourself in good company once more.

    Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I *greatly* admire your bravery and courage in doing your job and protecting a friend, even though it meant putting your life in danger.

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    I am sorry for your forced retirement from your club, Khaymen. It's often said, " No good deed goes unpunished.", you did the right thing, but suffered unjustly being ousted because of it. That sucks. The other members may stand up for you, and you may be asked to return. Only time will tell. Anyway, best wishes. Take care.

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    Sorry, for your situation but frankly if a gun is pointed at me, let alone shots fired, there would be police involved. If you lose standing in the club as a result, the club is a criminal entity in itself and you can mutually do well without each other.

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    Thank you for the support guys, but I feel I must clarify that I was not forced to resign, I choose to do so rather than come back after all the crap that happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    The other members may stand up for you, and you may be asked to return. Only time will tell. Anyway, best wishes. Take care.
    I doubt that will ever happen. I have good friends that I would like to keep in touch with, especially the two that I got out of there today. But, having a "friend" point a gun at your head in front of your son and scream "It's cocked! I'll do it! I'll do it!" just has to be a permanent deal breaker.

    I'm not sure if he believed me but I told my son that it was just a loud cap gun and that he was just trying to scare us.
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    I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry your son had to be there. You did the right thing standing up to your prez, though. It was brave thing to do, and speaks to your quality. Big ups to you!

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    I'm surprised you were in a MC that had such a violent and off kilter president. However after recently getting into the show Son's Of Anarchy I can clearly see the attraction for MC's and even to a lesser extent gangs. I'm glad that you stuck up for your friends and against another one. Hopefully someone as qualified as you if not more so will take your place. Hopefully they will be a person that proves that not all MC's are bad, just a very few if any are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I'm surprised you were in a MC that had such a violent and off kilter president.
    He didn't used to be, but lately seems to be coming unhinged.

    The alcohol just makes his radical moods that much worse. He had sworn off drinking, but decided that he didn't need to.

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