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Thread: Anxiety?

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    baby kiffer

    Default Anxiety?

    I am curious to know if there is any possible connection between anxiety and infantilism.

    Thus, I would like to know how anxious this community generally feels. This is not a public poll, so do not worry about privacy. According to above, I would like you to rate the amount of anxiety you experience over the typical 24-hour period. The options have been ordered from least-greatest (1-5), as well as referenced verbally. Please do not include dreams in your calculations, but please post about them (frequent nightmares, for example). Thank you.

    I, for one, feel constantly anxious. About WHAT I don't know, but it's usually there. It drives me insane, sometimes, and it pushes me towards infantilism more often, because infantilism helps me to escape from my anxiety.

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    Triple Post!

    Anyways I do hug my plushies and use my Pacifier to get rid of stress and anxiety some times.

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    Some of the time. I'm often upset and anxious when something negative happens (e.g.: if I get banned from a chatroom, when a "friend" dumps me, etc.), but it goes away eventually.

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    I often do. I've even had the paramedics at the house because I thought I was having a heart attach. I used to worry about my job. Now that I have a different job, I worry about other things like my wife's health. There's always something to feel anxious about, unfortunately.

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    I used to be troubled with anxiety, when I was younger, I worried about everything, and what people tought of me, and now I couldn't care less.

    If something has to wait untill tomorrow so what, and if you don't like me I couldn't care less.

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    I picked most of the time. Especially sometimes when I'm bored. I start to think about the world, humanity/society, and life in general. Thinking about stuff too much can be kinda annoying...

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    I'm usually anxious for many many reasons

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    More often that not would be my choice (I selected Most of the time) and it seems as though it's becoming more and more often nowadays. I think it's just a couple factors in my life that are doing it to me, the greatest would probably be a fear of change... If it feels beyond my control, I tend to get nervous.

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    I think anxiety is the main reason why I regress. I get anxious a lot so infantilism is my escape.

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