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Thread: Songs that could be (but probably aren't) about infantilism

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    Default Songs that could be (but probably aren't) about infantilism

    I like music a lot, and since my AB side has been a lot more active lately, I've been looking for music that goes with my mood. That doesn't mean I specifically listen to songs that make me feel little - however, I would like to share some songs that could be about infantilism. Except they probably aren't. =P

    YouTube - ‪Back When We Were Kids- Eleventyseven‬‏

    Firstly, Back When We Were Kids by Eleventyseven. It's a reminiscencing song about youth and how life was easier back then, and I like it a lot for the ideas expressed. It's pretty easy to link it to being an AB, even though it probably wasn't intended that way.

    YouTube - ‪Muse - Bliss‬‏

    Then something completely different - Bliss, by Muse. This one is not as obvious, and it's originally about holding someone in very high regard, having an idol and/or wanting to be someone else. One could also interpret it differently, though; you could say that it's about wanting to feel the 'peace and joy in the mind' of a young child, therefore getting in a state of bliss... that's what regressing is like for a lot of people. The song clearly states that someone is 'easy to love' and has 'freedom naturally', and the singer is envious... haven't we all felt that way about young children?

    Any opinions and/or other ideas, anyone?

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    One of Owl City's songs made we think like this. I think it was 'Hello Seattle' but I'm not sure.
    I'll check...
    Edit: now I can't find it. Typical.

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    Bad Ronald is the title of a song. Look it up:P It has girls skipping around in diapers and such. Cute. But that's all I can think of when music and ab/dl collide"P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macky View Post
    One of Owl City's songs made we think like this. I think it was 'Hello Seattle' but I'm not sure.
    I'll check...

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    Fireflies is definitely about going back to childhood. I couldn't say as much about other Owl City songs since I'm not too familiar with the rest of his songs.

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    ..Fireflies? Seriously? I listened to that one a LOT, and to Owl City in general, but I never noticed that meaning until now.

    I looked it up on SongMeanings... fireflies could be a metaphore for childhood dreams. The few fireflies that he saves and 'keeps them in a jar'... that's the inner child that is hidden inside all of us. I guess AB's save a lot more fireflies than other people. =P

    ...And now that I think of it, Umbrella Beach could be about a virtual space... a mindset, not an actual resort at a beach. About returning home, unseen, where one can remain hidden and 'think dreamy things'. 'I'll spread out my wings and fly', that means that the burden of maturing can be temporarily removed. There's a link with Bliss too, because weightlessness is a prominent thing in that video clip.

    That's pretty awesome!

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    The closest I've heard are Forever Young by Rod Stewart and The End of the Innocence by Don Henley.

    Because I'm Blond by Julie Brown sounds very babyish.

    The Animal Song by Savage Garden is a great song for furries. Many of the lyrics can also be applied to *B feelings. So, it's perfect for babyfurs. ^_^

    Crazy by Gnarls Barkley describes feelings of self-doubt and the fear of being unacceptable. Many people who are ABDL experience this. So, you can project a lot into the song.
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    Lol, I hope Necro-posting isn't against the rules x)
    I wana throw a song on here :3!
    Dr. Steel - Childhood (don't) A-Go-Go is greatness lol, and im sure all of us can relate to never wanting to let go of it :P

    Again, forgive mah Necro-post

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    One of my favorite songs that can go hand in hand with AB/DL is 'Bubbly' by Colbie Caillat.

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    Listen to Pretend by Lights.
    Commence regression.

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