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Thread: I dont know what to get [help thread] :p

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    Default I dont know what to get [help thread] :p

    Well its my first time buying diapers, i live in the Uk also btw
    i dont know what to get that would fit me, i would rather buy non-adult diapers just because its easier to explain especially as i am only 17. i fit a small to medium adult trouser size so about 34" would there be any pull ups that would fit me as i am keen to explore my TB side

    im a complete daiper novice so any imput is greatly appreciated,
    its nice to find likeminded people for once

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    ...good luck on your quest for the Holy Grail. Say hello to Jesus and Superman for me.

    Just grow a pair and buy adult diapers. It's easier to explain they aren't for you if your friends see them (since they'd understand you not telling them about an IC relative, but likely would wonder why you suddenly have a large baby in the family that came out of nowhere), and the cashier REALLY doesn't care. Even if they do ask who they're for, why do you care what a random cashier thinks? Much more important things to worry about in life. Like if the spider nibbling on my toe is poisonous... or why there's a 3 foot spider in my room.

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    You might fit into large Drynites, but they would be tight. You would likely enjoy the adult diapers better anyways.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyBeau View Post
    You might fit into large Drynites, but they would be tight. You would likely enjoy the adult diapers better anyways.
    Diapers placed in order of how obvious it will be they're for him (least to most likely):

    Pampers/Huggies (though these could cause significantly more suspicion in friends)
    Adult diapers

    If his reason for not wanting to buy adult diapers is that he thinks people will think they're for him, Drynites are probably the worst choice, since they are most likely going to be attributed to him. Who buys Drynites for someone else, except for parents?

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    Well It depends how old you look for the drynites.
    If you look 18+ the cashier Most likely has no idea that "kid diapers" will fit someone that old and Most likely will never make the connection they are for you.

    But I cant stress enough how much the cashier really DOESNT CARE

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    Given the lack of good nappies in the UK - Lidl is your best choice atm. Without disrespecting Lidl too much, the odds of finding someone you know in one is pretty slim... and generally the cashiers speak limited English so won't really call you up on a purchase!

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    it gets interesting when your bi-lingual (english and czech) and they hear you speaking one than the other then you can have a nice/not so nice chat with them which the normal brit can't translate

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