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Thread: Do you wear good quality diapers to bed

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    Default Do you wear good quality diapers to bed

    This question is for those of you who wear good quality diapers to bed. Have you ever had a any problems the diaper leaking while sleeping ? what brand were you wearing ?

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    I wear Abena XPlus diapers for day and night. When I do leak at night it is because of the following:
    A) Sleeping on side and start flooding
    B) When I catch up on my fluid intake, over load myself with fluids, and then I sleep in longer than normal. This leak is because it can't hold anymore.
    C) For some reason during the night I end up pointing up instead of down in my diaper.

    Being incontinent, it is important for me to wear quality diapers all the time. But as your question asked and my answers show, even quality diapers have their limits too.

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    That is why I converted back to cloth only diapers two or three years ago. I am a side sleeper and was not able to find a disposable that would not leak at least once a week. I am a bed wetter and need to wear every night so I needed to find a way to keep my bed dry and cloth diapers with good plastic pants were the answer. Now I wake up wet every day but 99.9% of the time my bed is dry.

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    At the moment I wear what I could afford when I stocked up from a thrift store, and can not bear the thought of throwing them away.

    I was glad unload a dozen or more in lopsided trade to lighten the load, and in a year or so,when I have the storage space again, I'll stock up on my preferred premium brands such as Abena m4's or Dry 24/7's. I do prefer to wear them to bed and also have little to no problems with leakage.

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    I've worn Abena, Dry 24/7, Bambino, Cushies, the good Euro Tenas, Molicares, et cetera et cetera to bed.

    And I've leaked in all of them.

    I'm a heavy wetter anyway, so that combined with everything else means that even if I'm lying flat on my back, I will leak out the sides of a disposable diaper. That's part of why I love cloth so much. I can wet on my side, my back, my front, and I don't leak out of cloth into the bed.

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    For me a side sleeper Abri Form M4 is the start point, then a baby number 6 or 7 are slid between the padding and the plastic. With the diaper on then comes a clothe pull up and last a good plastic pant.

    Works 99% of the time!

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