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Thread: Why hello there ^-^

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    Cool Why hello there ^-^

    Hi, just call me SendLink. I couldn't think of anything else.

    The reason I am here is because I had a friend that was into ABDL, and so from her I learned more about it and thus began the study of the lifestyle. I find it adorable.

    I'm also into anime, and anything that comes with it. I love animals.

    I would love to look for people who share the same interest, preferably in my area. I feel like such a little net urchin lost or something. ._.

    I also have a DS account.

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    I would love to look for people who share the same interest,
    Could you please specify what exactly "the same interest" means? Studying the lifestyle? Anime? Animals? All of the above?

    preferably in my area.
    A bit ambiguous, does this mean your area of study or geographic location? Either way we can help, and are happy to do so, but clarity will help people know if they want to be in touch.

    We get the occasional person with an outside interest: academics/medical professionals, parents, lovers, even friends of abdl people. We are a support site and non-abdl but interested people count too.

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