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Thread: Whats better mutiple diapers or mutiple diaper pads inside one diaper

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    Default Whats better mutiple diapers or mutiple diaper pads inside one diaper

    For a while now i've been using mutilple diapers when i diaper up. But i am wondering if is it better to use mutiple diaper pads inside one diaper or do you find using mutiple diaper one over the other better?

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    I feel like using multiple ones is more fun if you haven't tried it yet, simply because the added bulk feels AmAzing! X ) Assuming of course you don't do it too many times (it loses it's luster after a while and is highly addictive at first).

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    I find booster pads make a much more functional diaper. But double diapering is great if you want a lot of bulk.

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    so possible a mix of both for altimate results

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    Save on diapers use booster pads inside of a diaper. But for bulk use two diapers All in all it's the choice of who wears the diaper or who puts on the diaper:P

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    Or... use multiple booster pads per diaper and then double diaper ^_^ Best of both worlds... though probably EXTREMELY costly.

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    I use my diapers as much as I can, at night, and even at work. I love to wet them throughout the day. I always wear a plastic backed heavy weight diaper like molicare or a dry 24/7 with a couple of booster pads inserts. very bulky, and they will swell-up as you wet in them!!! Iv been working at a nursing home now for a few years and the staff knows that Im "incontinent". The extra bulk of the extra heavy diapers isnt easy to hide, but I enjoy the looks I get from some of the people who have noticed the tell-tale bulk of a diaper under my cna uniform pants!

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