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Thread: Really? Again?

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    Default Really? Again?

    Well this is interesting, never thought I would have to reintroduce myself, but since most of you don't know me...grr this is not working, not working at all. I have this to say, I am the FullMetal, I am da bomb, I watch captain planet on my PSP and I turn my TV dial to 32 at 7:00 to sing along with the Pokemon theme song.

    I also like:

    Long walks on the beach
    Dancing in the rain
    Turning snow yellow
    Cutting into construction paper
    Throwing cats to see their conservation of momentum M1V1+M2V2=M1VI(prime)+M2V2(prime)
    Having crazy Bat tournaments (those are sooo rhombus!!!)

    Yea, so the usual, nothing really uncommon about me....but I do pick my nose and then wipe it on peoples backs when they are turned around....SHHHHHH its a secret....then I say "Look a gummy bear!" and see if they eat it.

    Thank you for listening to me, I hope I can learn more about deepers? diapooos? deeker? garsh...i can never get this part right...well thanks!


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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    Cutting into construction paper
    Oooooooooh, yeah

    *waits to see if anyone got the reference*

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    I'm Customizer, the guy who jams garments full of fluff for massive bulk. I had the DBZ Goten avatar (after a duck avatar) and created the short-lived stuffing guide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    I am da bomb
    Right from that point I could tell this intro was fraught with lies and deception!

    Hi though.

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    Hello FullMetal! *waves*

    I'm glad you're here because we share almost the same hobbies, because I like:
    - short walks in the city
    - making rain in dance clubs
    - shoveling snow
    - toilet-papering construction sites
    - launching dogs into orbit
    - beating up players with baseball bats at tournaments

    And I'm sure you'll learn lots and lots about dialers here. That's the word you were looking for, right?!

    Welcome back!


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    FullMetal; our favorite guide through the TBDL lifestyle! When a problem comes along, who you gonna call?

    (Or you sould just whip it, but that wouldn't solve anything)

    Nice to see you around!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Right from that point I could tell this intro was fraught with lies and deception!

    Hi though.
    Oh no you didnt *snaps fingers angrily!*

    I am almost an Atom!!!! You got nupheng on meh!


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