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    Wink Hi.

    Hi. I'm zultan. I graduated a couple of years ago and I don't have a legit/salary job but I pay the bills as a studio musician (and last minute gig-ringer... can't find your guitarist and you have to play in a few hours? give me a pm) for various artists in the southeastern u.s.

    Diapers have been a slight interest of mine for about nine years now. I'm not too big into roleplay or anything of that sort and I'm not even that big of a fan of actually using diapers (I use the term diapers loosely, I actually prefer the look and feel of goodnites for some odd reason.) But I do enjoy just sitting down and relaxing while padded, which through some way I can't remember brought me to this site.

    Well, you already know I play guitar. I'm not as much of a gamer as I used to be but I do love sports, especially soccer/football. My favorite team is AS Roma but this year I was also rooting hard for Blackpool to avoid pl relegation. And if anybody on here plays football manager, seriously hit me up. I haven't met anybody that plays it over here and it's disappointing not being able to share with anyone how my team went from Serie C to Champions League knockout rounds in five years.

    Anyways I probably won't be too active on this forum once I get to know you guys. I'm not really looking for support or anything because I've had quite a while to figure most things out, but I will post every now and then to help out and impart what little knowledge I have to those who need it. (I remember what it was like to live with parents and be confused about *dl and what not.)

    Oh and I apologize for being generally creepy in an incognito way by lurking on this site for several years before registering then lurking some more before posting an intro.

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    Welcome to ADISC. When I joined, I think I felt a lot like what you're describing in terms of my planned involvement with the site and look how things have gone! You may in fact prefer to be more lurky but I found that while I had worked out the big problems on my own, I hadn't really seen many of the benefits of the whole ABDL thing and it took a community of decent, multifaceted people to help me move forward on that. I hope you'll find something similarly worthwhile here or at least just find a lot of threads to offer good advice, since people can always use more good advice.

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    Welcome!!! Hope this helps any questions you have!

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    Welcome Zultan! We're glad you decided to join in the conversation. It sounds as if you will be a great, helpful addition to our little corner of the internet. We can always use more smart, articulate posters!

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