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Thread: hi everyone!!

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    Default hi everyone!!

    Hi I'm ree nd I was recommended to this site from someone on another abdl site!

    I don't really know what to say here lol, I like shopping nd reading, mostly horror books which suprises most people as I'm quite a girly girl lmaoo!!!

    Anyways...that's me lol!!!

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    Hello Ree! If I may ask, what site was it?

    But firstly, welcome to ADISC! You say you like shopping! I'm guessing for clothes seen as though you say you're a girly girl. What brands of clothing do you love, and what are your favourite shops? Also, I myself LOVE the genre of horror in books. Do you have a favourite horror book? Or even a favourite horror author? I have to say I love Stephen King although his books are more psychological horror. My favourite of his books are his short stories because they're long enough to keep me satisfied but short enough to make sure I don't lose interest. I also love the films that his books have been made into for example: The Shawshank Redemption (one of my all time favourite films), It, Christine and The Running Man just to name a few.

    Do you have any other hobbies or interests? Sports, drawing, writing? Anything really, just what you love!

    Also, is there anything you'd like to gain from this site? Whether it be support and advice, finding some AB/DL friends or just finding people who share the same interests as you? Anyway, thank you for your somewhat brief introduction - hopefully you'll expand on it! And I hope you find the site as brilliant as I believe it to be :-)

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    Yes, welcome, welcome, welcome! Glad you found us!

    As CharlieBear said, I would love to hear more about your hobbies and interests! Undoubtedly, you're going to find a ton of others who have much in common with you!

    What kind of music do you like? I am huge into British bands! Oasis, Blur, Pulp...maybe you've heard of Slowdive?

    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you around the boards!

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    hey ree hmmm i wonder if this is my friend ree ree from northampton if so awesome!!! welcome to the adisc forums xx have fun and enjoy yourself xx

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    Welcome ree! Hope you have a great time on here, and we're miles better than the site you came from!

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