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    Rockband... Guitar Hero... I can never get into those hand-eye-coordination games, too repetitive/lack of patience to win on my part. I'd rather play Crysis, F.E.A.R, or Halo 3.

    P.S. Anybody know why all these Koreans/Chinese/Japanese are so GOOD at these games?. A lack of anything else to do?. Some cultural trait of obsessiveness?

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    First of all you have to have beat in you in order to play them, yes I do realize that I sound like one of those crazy music people out there but it's true. If you're one of the people who doesn't listen to real music and only listens to rap then your probably not going to be able to play the games seeing as rap doesn't really have any music in it at all just some crazy white guy trying to sounds black.

    Really I don't like FPSs as much as I like guitar Hero, Rock Band, DDR and Stepmania. FPSs are fun yeah, and I'm DEF really good at them, but they are really just mindless shooting games.

    FPSs don't require that much skill so really you aren't gaining ANYTHING from them when you play them, but when you play things like Guitar Hero or DDR you gain skill, and even get exercise.

    What your post told me is this, you don't have the patience to get better at anything, you like to sit in your chair all day and not do anything, and that you make random posts about not liking one game because it takes to much practice.


    And the reason why they are good at these games is because I've found all asians have a pretty good beat, and none of them that i know of at least listen to rap. Plus they put time and patience into them, things that your apparently don't understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkSunDS View Post
    Because FPS aren't about reflexes? -_-
    Hes saying that FPS games require hand/eye coordination. Actually in a sense most video games do unless your playing a turn based game such as Final Fantasy.

    Also I don't think FPS games are that repetitive not on the multi-player matches anyway. It takes a lot of skill to play FPS games. When I think about playing a Catpure The Flag match in UT3 I have to..

    A. Make a plan of what the hell I am going to do. Play defense (protect my flag), Attack (take their flag,) Heal/support (heal my teams aircraft,tanks and cars.)
    B. Remember where ammo and weapon respawn locations are and how to get there.
    C. decide what weapon to use and see if I am even hitting my target and adjusting my aim if I am not.
    D. predict where my opponent is going to go next.

    But you have to do all of these things at the same time. You never want to stop in a FPS since it only delays you in your goals. As for GH and Rock Band and DDR they always have the same notes in the song all you have to do is recall where the notes are and that's not hard to do considering it gives you a visual key.

    I am not saying those games are not hard but I will say they are a lot more repetitive then FPS games in multi-player and sometimes in single player.

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    I still think that FPSs are more repetitve...

    But I find audiosurf to be one of the best music games out there and it is DEF the opposite of repetitive. I tried the demo out yesterday and now I really want the game it's so fun. Every time you play a song the notes change so it's not the same thing everytime.

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    I have AudioSurf as well. Whats your tag on it? Mine is fire2box.

    If they could get AudioSurf to use guitars and all the stuff from rockband that would be cool.

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    Well I still haven't bought the real game but it's Samaki, I got like second place already in one song =D. I'm working on getting my mom to get her credit card out so I can pay her to start up a runescape membership for one month =/ she was going to do it tonight but she decided not to, after that I will try to get audiosurf, although since I share the steam account and my friend liked it so much he might buy it -.-.

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