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Thread: Thoughts on Aknotholeresident and public image of *BDL community

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    Question Thoughts on Aknotholeresident and public image of *BDL community

    This may be old news, but a video of Aknotholeresident wearing a diaper and doing baby stuff has been floating on the internet and going viral. Many people have been making commentaries and reaction videos of this guy. How do you think this makes us *BDL's look? Should Aknotholeresident have posted that video? I have heard that he was banned/kicked out of several major AB/DL communties. Has anyone on this site had to deal with him? Please tell me more about this video. Thanks.

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    hardly a major viral success with only a 1,700 odd views -

    YT videos of barely dressed people playing around in diapers are not a good public face for us, no - but this is hardly a big deal. People will watch this once or maybe twice, leave an abusive comment for the poster and then forget about it - they wont even learn that this is called ABDL / age-play, so no stigma will attach to our name because of it.

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    We can't keep some of the more... outgoing members of our community from giving a bad impression of us in public. Additionally the way people tend to perceive things anything bad is remembered considerably more than anything rational.

    I thought it wasn't a problem with only 1800 views until I looked at the sidebar and some of those views were actually considerable. If it gets any publicity and blows up it isn't going to be pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riddle View Post
    hardly a major viral success with only a 1,700 odd views
    Well, actually this is not the original poster of the video. Also, many, many commentary/reaction videos have been made of this guy. Even Nostalgia Critic made reaction video.

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    is there another think to his videos? i wanna see it for myself *im not some sick perv*

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    Hmmm, removed because of hate speach?
    What was all that about? The video or the comments?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolowned777 View Post
    is there another think to his videos? i wanna see it for myself *im not some sick perv*
    1) Go to Youtube
    2) Search "aknotholeresident baby"
    3) ?
    4) Profit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francis View Post
    Even Nostalgia Critic made reaction video.
    I think I found the video you're talking about, and that's not actually him. Someone just cut out reaction footage of him from one of his reviews and titled the video so people thought that's what he was talking about. Of course, I could be talking about a completely different video than you, but that's just what I saw.

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    God I feel for him. If by some miricle I were to be ablee to contact him, I would say this:

    I hardly doubt you care, but allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wyatt, and I am a 15 year old infantilist.

    I just want to let you know that society can be a cruel, cruel thing, and I truly have empathy for you. Honestly, what is wrong with this? We are hurting no one, and this allows us to be genuinely happy for a change, unlike most social zombies.

    I guess the problem comes when this broken line of thought occurs:

    Extreme acts are usually fetishes. Acting like a baby is extreme. He has a baby fetish. He has a fetish for babies. He is a pedophile.

    I am trying my best not to go off on a rant about how much society is fucked up. I just want you to know that, while it seems like even fellow infantilists have turned on you for giving them a bad name, there are still people rooting for you. People who only wish they had the courage and confidence to be themselves. in front of others.

    Just keep your head up little guy.


    I would like you all to note that I do understand where you are coming from. It was stupid to post those videos. I get it. I just want to put out there how I feel about this other than that.

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