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    So over the month of July I plan on building my own partial fursuit.

    I do have one big problem, what to make as the base, out of the 3 main methods: Foam, Mesh, Balaclava. I must ask what is best? Can someone give me pros and cons of each? Cost? easiest to work with? how hot it gets?

    As far as I am seeing from tutorials, mesh is the easiest to make, but seems more difficult to fur.

    Any advice anyone who has made a suit can give me, would be great.

    Also no comments on commissioning one. That is too expensive.

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    Disclaimer: I've never made a suit before. OTOH, I work with foam pretty regularly.

    My opinion would be foam. To me, that would be the easiest to work with. Just get some sheet foam and layer them till you have the size you want. then you can shave it down with something like a breadknife to get the general shape, and then from there, a steel brush to get your final form. I do this for cushions in the marine industry all the time. then you can get some spray adhesive and lay down cloth for the outside.
    I would use something like the harness from the inside of a hard-hat to keep the head in-place.

    The Foam Factory, Open Cell Foam, Lux-HQ Foam <-- would be a foam suggestion IMHO
    The Foam Factory, Accessories, Adhesive, Spray Adhesive <-- Claire Mist is the adhesive i use at work to bond the foam.

    Best of luck. I want to try this method some day when i have some time for a new project.

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    not really done heads myself, but I can give advice on tails, handpaws and feetpaws if you need it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozone View Post
    not really done heads myself, but I can give advice on tails, handpaws and feetpaws if you need it.
    Think I can do those pretty easily, my problem is going to be furring them once they are ready, at least the feet. The hands from what I've seen can be sewn.

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