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Thread: What is a good cloth diaper

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    Default What is a good cloth diaper

    Especially while sleeping

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    The only answer I can think of is "A good quality one!" Some are gauze, some are made of terry towelling and others a different kind of cloth altogether - you get what you pay for and it is possible to purchase cloth diapers that look good, but do not really work well because they are made of inferior materials. Sadly there is no way you can test them in store before you get them home - well there is but you would probably be arrested!

    Perhaps an illustration of this would be the difference between towels from a discount store and from a quality supplier - both will be the same size, both may even say "Egyptian cotton" on the label, but you will feel the difference after the first wash.

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    Take a look at Baby Pants (Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products) and Adult Cloth Diaper they have both flat and pre-fold.

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    Personally, I'm a big fan of flat, not prefold or contoured cloth. I can use flat squares and layer and fold them to my specification, meaning that they're just as thick and fitted as I like.

    I'm a fan of If you buy 12 or more diapers, you get a price break, too.

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    Iím with xbabyx, flat cloth are effective and easy to care for. As he states, simply layer and fold placing the bulk where itís needed the most. Believe it or not, at night I have 24 layers in some areas. Works!

    I purchase diaper material in bulk and make my own. Simply cut to length, I donít hem edges. If I was to purchase pre-mades Iíd go with thin (few layers) and many. Easier to care for, especially dry. Good luck.

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    I used Kins (Babykins) prefolds for years. They have 2 layers on the side; six in the center. I used their plastic pants, too, but the vinyl-coated polyester pants. Pure vinyl tears easily at the legs. Laundry was manageable to a point; when I lived in a suburban area I contracted with a commercial diaper service to do it for me. Out here in the country I did my own, until it got to be too much.

    I'll still wear cloth diapers, but prefer disposables. I use a Kins lined plastic pant over them, however.

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    I have used Tri County Cloth diapers for years and love them but I prefer the contour ones just earier to use tried the flat fold ones and I am just lazy they works great don't get me wrong it is just earsier and quicker for me

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    My vote is Priva. I like the fit and snaps. Never have I had a leak.

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    I think the best night time nappy are terry's of plastic pants as I need to use for bed wetting for a number of years and the ones from drylife are nice too. Drylife : Items 1 to 2 of 2 items shown in the category 'Adult Briefs'

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