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Thread: i am a zoophil, what about you ?

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    Default i am a zoophil, what about you ?

    well i just discovered that i am a zoophil, i wonders if here are people like me ?

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    Zoophil is literally "love for animals", at any level (interest, collection, aesthetic), but it also mean a man that like to have sex with an animal.

    If you mean "like to have sex with an animal", I'm not a zoophil.
    If I remember correctly, it is forbidden to have sex with animals.

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    From wikipedia:

    "Zoophilia is an affinity or sexual attraction by a human to a non-human animal. To avoid confusion about the meaning of zoophilia — which may refer to the affinity/attraction, paraphilia, or sexual activity — this article uses zoophilia for the former, and zoosexual activity for the sexual act. The two terms are independent: not all sexual acts with animals are performed by zoophiles;[1] and not all zoophiles perform zoosexual acts."

    The article points out the legality of it varies from country to country, but most people agree the actual sexual act is wrong on moral and ethical reasons.

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    i really like animals, and i feel like i wanna have sex with an animal (i havent yet had sex with one)

    well its not forbidden, here in germany its since 1969 legal and 99% of all country´s made it legal as long as you dont hurt the animal

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    Um.... ok strange what was the point of posting this?

    I'm pretty sure that raping a poor animal is considered hurting it, I'm sorry if I come off rude but really you are hurting it if you have sex with it.

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    There is a thread about other kinks/fetishes, though I don't know if it's locked or not...But you should just post that there if it's still open...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samaki View Post
    Um.... ok strange what was the point of posting this?
    He wanted to find more people like himself.

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    I mean I know that certain people have certain fetishes and I know that I'm never going to understand all of them but personally I don't agree with bestiality, I love animals and always will and having sex with an animal without there consent, which they can't give to you, is like raping someone.

    I don't even really approve of breeding, I think that they shouldn't be forced to have sex with each other for our benefit.

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