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Thread: How much of an AB are you?

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    Question How much of an AB are you?

    Hey all...

    Someone asked me this question at the Pamper Party... and I really don't know how to answer it... so I'll ask y'all.

    Exactly how much of an AB do you consider yourself?

    Now in the past when I heard the term AB used to label someone I always imagined a person who enjoyed full regression, baby talk, drinking from bottles, crawling around on hands and knees, being cared for, changed, etc.

    As far as it goes for me... I don't consider myself AB at all. I mean sure I love my teddy bear and drinking from sippy cups and playing games... but I don't see that as regressing. I don't really require anyone to look after me or change me on a regular basis or anything... and baby talk annoys me to no end.

    Thus I label myself a DL... but I am a bit suprised that some people consider DLs to have the sexual kink only. Diapers can be sexual for me... I find diapered girls to be very hot... and just the idea of putting on a big thick disposable and crinkleing around can turn me on if I fantasize about it... but it's not like I get even the slightest bit horny every time I diaper up. It's kinda like wearing your favorite pair of shoes or shirt every day. Nice... but life goes on... ya' know?

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    I guess when you get right down to it, not much. I'm more of a Kid Adult or Toddler Adult, at the youngest. Even when I use items associated with babies, such as a highchair or stroller, I still consider myself more toddler age than actually a baby.


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    I don't consider my self an AB, I am DL with some AB tendencies, mainly I like to wear diapers, and wet diapers, and I like wearing sleepers.

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    With what I have, I'm not that much of a TB...But I wish I was like a pretty good one...

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    I'm an LG. My regression age is about 4. I don't exactly enjoy wearing diapers during the day, those stay to night, pullups during the day. Sippy cups, pacifiers, and that's about it. Read my Daddys Little Girl stories, and you'll get an idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    Now in the past when I heard the term AB used to label someone I always imagined a person who enjoyed full regression, baby talk, drinking from bottles, crawling around on hands and knees, being cared for, changed, etc.

    I consider myself an AB, but I don't particularly enjoy a lot of these things. Full regression is not my thing, nor do I care for baby talk or crawling. I rather like my adult-functioning mind and don't want to (or possibly can't) suspend it in the name of regression; in fact, I would consider it kinda humiliating, and humiliation is not my thing either.

    *caution, this post is gonna turn long-winded*

    But the thing is... I've never thought of a child's mind as 'lesser' than an adults. I realize (from class lectures on child development, personal research, etc.) that a three-year-old's brain simply isn't as highly developed, with regards to motor function, reasoning skills, etc., but... kids aren't at all 'dumb.' I have memories from when I was old enough to sit up but could not yet talk, and what I recall is a clearly functioning mind. I also remember how very simple things seemed. In this particular memory, I was sitting in our foyer and my mom was bringing in a purple crate. I recognized it as the portable toy box that she used, and I remember being very happy--I clapped my hands and probably made some sort of expression of pure joy. But the thing is I was processing thoughts without words; it was all pictures and emotions. Very strange; I don't think I could do that now if I tried. But what I do try to do is emphasize these qualities in my own adult mind--the simplicity, openness, and imagination of a child.

    So if anything I do resembles regression, it would be this: an attempt to simplify my mind and put all of those adult worries (over-worked busy-ness and the stress that goes along with it) in their place. Really, it's ridiculous how busy one can get, and how much the stress can mount, that it overshadows and pushes away what (I believe) is most important in life--just being kind to others, remembering family and calling one's grandparents just to say 'hi,' keeping in touch with friends, appreciating very simple things (a sunset, beautiful surroundings), creating, loving, living... Seriously, life isn't infinite (for an atheist like me) and it makes no sense to be too stressed out to actually live it. But I think my idea of 'regression' is more in line with a kind of meditation more than anything else...

    Obviously all this 'mind work' can be done without material things--diapers, paci's, sippy cups and all the rest. However, these things have become so deeply ingrained into my... personality, I suppose would be the best word... that, while not necessary for me to de-stress (I can find other outlets), if I can use them I most definitely will. But more importantly, I think there is an added component that is what truly makes me an AB: the sense of comfort and security that these physical objects give me. Sure, I can paint or draw or play guitar to de-stress... but none of these activities can make me feel safe--similar to being drawn into a hug by a friend or family member that I trust--like these items can. It's this component of safety and comfort brought on by using infantile items that really defines 'being an AB' for me.

    So, to answer the question 'how much of an AB are you,' I would have to say 100%, not because I spend all of my time diapered in a nursery and fully regressed (I actually spend 0% time doing this), but because I try to allow my mind to take on a simpler outlook that a lot of people would call child-like. Also, the idea of 'being an AB' (deriving comfort from diapers, paci's, etc.) is so deeply ingrained into my concept of self, and on a subconscious level, that I would not venture to try to rid myself of it to become 'normal.' It would seem too drastic (and unnecessary) a move that would wipe out a significant aspect of myself, as much as if someone were to say to me that I could no longer be creative, could no longer be an artist or aspire to be an architect. *Shrug* it's funny how we start to define ourselves by what we love or what we do...

    As for the DL aspect--I will have to admit that my understanding of the definition of a DL is one who fetishizes diapers and enjoys 'getting off' while either wearing them or watching someone else wear them, and this definition applies whether they also enjoy some AB activities or not. This is just what I've gleaned in the 10-ish years since I learned that there was a name for what I was, and I've met some exceptions (DF, you appear to be one) to my definition of a DL--but for the large part it seems to hold up fairly well. I'm interested in others definitions, though...

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    I like to consider myself AB. I haven't gotten to the point where I feel absolutely comfy regressing, 'cause I'm still a bit embarrassed when I do it with someone else, online or in person. But I like using pacifiers and drinking from bottles when I can. I want to get a sippy cup and a rattle, too. I just have such an urge to shake one sometimes. XD Kinda wish I had someone who'd moreso urge me and coax me into being more of a lil baby girl when I get in those moods.

    But, rar. Besides regressing and stuff, I usually act childish anyway. I like babbling on like a lil thing when I'm in a good mood and my mother often complains she can't understand me 'cause I can talk too babyish and fast. And...uhh.. Hm. I can't think of what else. But rar. AB but not too AB yet... but often childish anyway.

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    I have to agree with ballucanb, “I don't consider my self an AB, I am DL with some AB tendencies, mainly I like to wear diapers, and wet diapers, and I like wearing sleepers.” I don’t have any sleepers myself but I’ve bought them for three different girls and the doll I sleep with now wears a pair. I might get some for myself in the fall. I also have a bottle I keep in my car for water on long drives.


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    I like bottles, sippy cups, plushies, pacifiers, footed sleepers, and of course diapers. I'm not sure how I feel about babyish talk.... haven't really tried it. I like being able to talk though... but I guess it's okay to make things sound cute sometimes. I don't really especially have any interest in crawling... indifferent toward it, I guess. Being cared for would be very nice, but I unfortunately have not experienced it. I like humiliation too, well to an extent anyway. And um, sissy stuff. (I'm more of an adult toddler than adult baby. Being unable to talk and stuff like that would kinda suck)

    I don't really have many chances to do AB/DL stuff anyway though.... just wish I did.

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    I hardly consider myself a *B because I'm just not really into it anymore. I mean yea I do sleep with a teddy bear every night but I've been doing that for like ever. I just like to sleep with something Some have suggested that I'm just purging or something like that. I really don't know or care ^.^ If the interest does come back then it does, if it doesn't then it doesn't. So..... Yea I don't consider myself *B at all anymore.

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