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Thread: Things diapers do and don't 'mix with' for you.

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    Default Things diapers do and don't 'mix with' for you.

    We all-- ahem, most of us-- know that diapers are grand on their own. However, it's also true that the diaper experience can both be amplified and ruined based on what it's being mixed with. Do you feel this way? If so, give some examples of each. I'll go first:

    Romance (I've never had diaper play or diaper sex. Does the idea appeal to me? Hell yeah!)
    The Beach (I'm not by any means an exhibitionist, but because of childhood memories of diapers and the beach, I do want to wear diapers to the beach someday. You know, under a swimsuit.)
    Summertime (It's hot as hell to wear diapers in 90-degree weather, but again, childhood memories. No, I'm not even a TB.)

    Religion (I'm a pretty devout Catholic, and even though I don't think God has a problem with me wearing diapers, the two just don't mix for me, and they never will.)
    Favorite TV shows (Some people like this, but I just don't. Not even for attractive females on the shows. Plus, you see my avatar, the great Dwight K. Schrute. Yuck.)
    Food (I personally think that putting a banana in your diaper, exemplia gratis, in place of messing is worse. I don't know why, I feel sorry for the banana. Plus, we must admit that diapers are a bit gross, so nothing that goes in your mouth should go anywhere near diapers.)
    Hockey (I'm a huge hockey fan and an avid player, and hockey and diapers just don't mix for me... not watching it, not playing it [of course]. It's like steak and ice cream. They're both great on their own, but they're horrible when put together.)


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    - Most things really, except where impractical, with a few exceptions.

    - Agree on the TV shows, and would add celebrities / cartoon characters as well. I don't follow celebrities in general, and the whole "so and so in a diaper" thing does nothing for me.

    - The general public. I have no expectation or even interest in seeing this stuff accepted by mainstream. Any time we end up "in the papers" it's always bad.
    - My parents never knew... and interestingly I think they would have been completely accepting of it (I was lucky, my parents were very smart and open minded in general)... but it still would have been really weird to me.

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    As a diaper user without the choice my scores will be different to some other peoples.


    I an live a normal life without endlessly having to excuse myself and find a toilet or secluded place to pee at inconvenient moments

    I can go to sleep at night without having to worry about wetting my bed

    I can enjoy social activities without wetting my pants

    I can feel comfortable and relaxed most of the time


    Not having a choice about wearing diapers or some other kind of protection - makes me feel limited as a person

    When they don't work properly and leak a little - even if i am the only person to know it

    Not daring risk sitting down on light coloured sofas or chairs "just in case" a leak happens

    Dealing with bowel discharges in diapers is no less challenging than the same thing in underwear - well almost.

    The temptation to give up on trying to maintain/improve what control I have.

    Side effects of medication designed to improve continence


    Continuing prejudice against incontinent people who are an easy target for jokes by stand-up comdedians etc.

    Price of good quality diapers

    Coping in a family situation without too much pretence or too much "in your face" openness in front of other people.

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    Pretty much everything. Honestly, when I'm feeling that I want diapers, I wear them for pretty much everything, and almost everything is awesome with them. Movies, concerts, going out for dinner, hanging out with friends, sex, sitting around the house, road trips, et cetera.


    Cycling. I'm an avid cyclist, and I've tried diapers and cycling. It just doesn't work that well. Other physical activity isn't too bad, and weight-lifting is actually better in diapers, but cycling in diapers is just not.

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    Good: Watching Tv, video games, hanging out on my room, ect. Almost anything where I'm alone and indoors is good for diapers.

    Bad: anything with people, diapers are something I enjoy alone, and it would freak me out to be around others while wearing (Hopefully I'll find a girl that's okay with itbut until then, diapers are a solitary activity me).

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    Good: Playing video games and watching TV. Women wearing diapers. Crossdressing sometimes. Romance.
    Bad: Religion/Politics. Baby Talk. School.
    Ugly: Nosy parents. Family. ABDL prejudice on internet and TV. Unsolitary conditions.

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    as a dl for me heres how it is

    at the movies
    while walking or on the bus
    when im buzzed
    basically the everpresent conveniece
    websites like this and xpmedical

    cost of good diapers
    being addicted to wearing diapers and worrying about running out
    dealing with a messy diaper in public
    worrying about leaking
    portrayed in media as being wierd

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    Relaxing and playing video games

    Cartoon characters in diapers. I always react to "No, what? He/she would never do that!"
    The fact that it's so weird.

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    Something to do on long days.
    Cost of diapers and accessories.
    No good diapers available offline.
    The Ugly:
    Someone finding your stash.

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    Adisc, the feeling (obviously), sexual gratification, regression to a better time

    Bad: Cost, cleanup and hiding


    Family, Parents, goodnites ripping in public (it has happened, and it was BAD)

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