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Thread: Just open the door and step in.

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    Default Just open the door and step in.

    My name is Wayne, I am a DL and hoping to meet new friends from this site.
    I have join up as the site I use to go to close down, I know very little about this site and know no one from here.
    I find being a new user, people think here comes a new strange one, I am just a normal guy into this I look normal and have a normal life.
    okay now to the strange part of me, 'lol Im gay and have been with my friend for over 20 years, Im 46yo I keep fit, my friend does not know of this and telling you it very hard to keep it from . I enjoy life and im a friendy person. I do shift work and find it hard to meet people as to that.. I find myself on the chats and phone and hardy meet anyone. You can ask me anyhing or open to chats and emails. hoping I am exceped here. thats about it bye.
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    Hi wayne welcome to ADISC everyone's welcome here and no-one is thought as as Strange or different.
    Very nice Intro, Hope you find some cool people to talk to on here.

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    If you feel out of place, don't worry! As Alu said, everybody is accepted here, and there are quite a lot of gays here. Hope you enjoy ADISC!

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    Well hi. Welcome aboard... I am curious as to which site closed, if you are willing to say... Another diaper site?

    As to being gay, so are half the people here, including our girls. Nothing abnormal there.

    'lol Im gay and have been with my friend for over 20 friend does not know of this and telling you it very hard to keep it from him.
    Bit confused about this, he has been your partner over 20 years and doesn't know you're abdl?

    As to being normal, it's my impression we are actually a very normal bunch with one unusual kink/lifestyle. That doesn't really make us abnormal, especially when you look at our ages and see us reading, playing, watching, the same as other same-agers, and having the same issues.

    I know very little about this site and know no one from here.
    That's easily remedied. We are a support site with an active, understanding and devoted userbase into helping each other out, with kind words and useful information including advice, though we aren't a dating site or focused on turning each other on, noble though those things are. We are overall a young site, median age I guess in the mid 20's which means lots of teens . We have plenty of furs but they don't really dominate the feel of Adisc.

    You'll soon get to know us, as a site and one on one, but if you want a bit of guidance just ask, I'll happily oblige.

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    Hey Great White, the site was called Diaperspace and I think it will reopen maybe.
    Keeping it from my friend has been hard but I do not wear Diapers every day I think he knows but we do not bring it up.
    As most of us here would know it is something difficult for some people to get a handle of.
    For me it’s the comfort of wearing them and the safe feel when going out somewhere crowed,
    Being able to disgust diapers with others makes me feel more excepted with myself.
    The part about saying "Normal “well who is really normal tell me who is normal in this world and what is society excepting as normal as I have never meet anyone in this world as normal it does not exist please do not take this the wrong way we are all different and the secret is excepting everyone as they come.

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