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    Ive been lurking around here for awhile now so I figured it was about time I introduce myself.
    My names Rob and I'm a photographer/webdesigner currently living in Bristol Uk. Out side of work Im into cycling and reading scifi.

    Im mainly here just to meet new friends as dont really know that many dl's. So hopefully ill be speaking to some of you soon.


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    Hi there Rob.

    I am also an avid scifi reader. What is your favourite author?
    For my self, my favourite would be Isaac Asimov.

    Cycling is also a thing for me but only the motorized version

    Well met, and enjoy your time here on Adisc.

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    Hi Rob

    I am also a Rob, love sci fi too but I think I read more science fantasy stuff these days. Like ShortGuy, the good Doctor Asimov used to be my favourite author but I moved on to Robert Heinlein because Asimov's stuff seemed to be a bit samey.
    I lived down in Bristol for a while too, don't get down there much these days though except to go for a few beers at The Black Horse at Clapton-in-Gordeno, which is arguably the nicest pub in the world.

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    I only finished asimov's robot series not too ling ago so he's definatly up their as one of my favorites. Athur c clarke is also incredible, i think my favorite tho at the moment is vernor vinge I guess he's quite sci fantasy as well.

    Hey Tuscan i havnt been to that pub might go and check it out tho now its been highly praised.

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    I do alot of just html css work mainly online shops, but this last year ive been getting more heavily into php and javascript

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    sounds very interesting. It is always good if you can learn to code PHP. Can do lots of nice stuff then.

    Have you down any diaper relatet things whit you web skills? Like some good site or something?

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