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    Default Things for an old laptop

    I'm thinking about turning my old netbook into something.

    It's an atom 1.6ghz single and 1gb ram.

    But I'm not sure... I'd like to make a file server/print hub... but I need to secure it from the other people on my network. Make it where they can't view any files folders or printers(there's three other people on the network.) And I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this. It does not have windows so it has to have multi OS access support and things.

    Does anyone know of a way to go about doing this.

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    Being an open source fanatic, my suggestion is of course Linux.

    Without a graphical environment, you can do quite a bit with that hardware, and you'll definitely be able to limit access. The question is of course what do you really want to do. File server is definitely possible, but being a laptop it probably doesn't have a large/fast hard drive... and probably only has the one (no hardware redundancy). If you do go that route, setting up NFS (if sharing to other linux boxes) or SAMBA (if sharing to windows) is fairly straight forward. Print hub is also possible (using say, CUPS) and can be shared to windows clients using SAMBA.

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    That's What I have linux... Thinking about changing the distro though.
    I'm going to eventually switch to a desktop that'll be a dual core 3.0ghz 4gb ram that will function as a game/file/web server so those are other things to consider because I will probably not be using physical access to install most of this.

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