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Thread: Story Hall of Fame?

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    Default Story Hall of Fame?

    I brought this up because I thought it would actually be pretty cool to have an archive of sorts specifically for stories the community at large felt were of sufficient quality to represent the dearth of creativity we have in this forum in that respect.

    Also, such a forum would be closed to starting new topics (mods could just move the threads as they were "elected", as it were), so we wouldn't have the constant banter like we do in the "finished stories" section of people calling for "more" onto a story, or people inadvertently posting stories in progress in that forum, or w/e. Story threads would still be open to commentary, but no new topics would be allowed in that forum.

    I might just be talking out of my hat here, which would be why I'm tacking a poll onto it...

    PS: The election process could be a subforum in Established...

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    Normally I would vote for a choice, but since my kind of answer isn't there, I'd vote "Doesn't see this happening."

    First, I seriously doubt that the mods and admin would slap in a new sub-forum just for "good" stories on the site. As in, from what I remember seeing, there would need to be a ludicrously high level of need to have a new one - and even then it would probably need to be one that *everyone* could benefit from. And, at one point, if I remember correctly, there used to be a 5-point-level rating system for threads in place, but sometime between my joining and the time of the this post it was removed.

    Secondly, I believe there's already a thread in the 'finished stories' forum that is basically a running list of "good" stories.

    Lastly, even IF this were possible then ALL OF US would need to sit down for a pow-wow to figure out what makes a story good, and the qualifications that it would need to meet in order to qualify. As I've said time and time again, what makes a story good is a completely subjective view, as in four people could say X-story is good while twenty more people say the same story is utter rubbish. (Being polite about it.)

    While I do see where you're coming from with the comments, frankly, that's the nature of how it works. To a certain extent, I do agree with what you're aiming for, but from a practical approach, it's simply not warranted; otherwise there'd already be one.

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    My opinion is that it won't happen because, in the last several subforum requests, Moo has stated that he does not intend to add more subforums.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tripped
    There used to be a 5-point-level rating system for threads in place, but sometime between my joining and the time of the this post it was removed.
    If I recall correctly, it was removed because almost no one used it and the few who did abused it.

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    Good is such a subjective term, and that which is good for one may not be for another. I like the idea of a thread where someone gives their opinion of the better stories. One can either accept their opinion or move on. At least it's a starting point.

    Then, as Zephy said, sometimes the poorly written ones are far more amusing than the better ones.

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    I guess I threw it out there more because I'm seeing the Finished section get littered with more and more stuff that isn't finished.

    FTT has a cool setup where there is the story forum, where anyone can post a story, then the author actually requests a mod to move it to the "archive" (their completed stories section), where no new threads are allowed except those moved by the mods.

    Even if we went that route rather than add an extra sub, I'd be cool with it.

    PS: Tripped - that'd be the "WGAF" option.

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