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Thread: COD4 gliitched?

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    Default COD4 gliitched?

    Alright my COD4 is seriously glitched up.

    When I connect to a server it gets stuck at setting up game then just keeps putting the ...s on the screen, I left it running for about 10 minutes and it was still there when I came back.

    Apparently DLing punkbuster setup then running it for updates or something should help, if it doesn't then I'm screwed and I can't play on your server MM =(.

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    Make sure you're patched to the latest version (1.7) and your PunkBuster is up-to-date. If that doesn't work... try reinstalling.

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    I uninstalled punkbuster a few months ago and when I just reinstalled it I could connect to at least 1 server =D, I haven't tried any others though, and I can't because I gotta leave soon.

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    Our server is offline due to a blackout... I'm working on getting it running again.

    But... usually just reinstalling CoD4 should fix issues that you're having like this.

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