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Thread: MULTI TOPIC: Happy Birthday 2 ME!!! / What kind of cat do you have?

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    Default MULTI TOPIC: Happy Birthday 2 ME!!! / What kind of cat do you have?



    I'm 22 Years old now, and I still wear Diapeys!!!!

    Also, I was curious as to what kind of cat everyone has. My Kitten is 2 months old now, and she is CLEARLY a "Lap cat", meaning, she loves chillin' in my lap at all times. I've also learned, there are "Outdoor/Indoor cats", "Black Cats (lol)", and "Fraidy Cats".

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    I have two indoor/outdoor cats. They really don't bother with us... they kinda just come to eat, then leave again.

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    Well Happy Birthday to You, and I love cats, I had alot of cats growing up, but now I live buy a busy country road (in the daytime) and I'm afraid one will get hit by a car.

    We always had a cat in our house, mainly they were just alley cats but we loved them, my favorites were the long hired version of an alley cat, the last one I had was a 20lb male, he was my best buddy.

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    I have a grey cat that we picked out at the humane society. She stays inside, but goes outside occasionally juat to look around.

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    Happy birthday.

    I had a total of three cats in the last 10 years. All three were indoor only, and all three were together until I recently moved into an apartment.

    My oldest cat was brown and black, and pretty fat. She didn't move around much, but she kind of had the motherly sense about her. She was awesome nonetheless - and is now at my sister's house. My second cat was orange and white, extremely skinny, and extremely hyper. Reminded me of a two year old who never grew up. She's now at my brother's house.

    And my third cat, the only cat I still have at my house (we snuck her in) is grey and white. She's extremely curious and yet scared of everything. She is the only three of my cats that is MINE however - the other two were my sisters' cats (but even when she moved we kept them).

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    Happy Birthday Anyway I have two cats, a 13 year old orange tabby name Pumpkin, and a black and white American long hair name Oreo.

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    Default Happy Birthday hugz and ll that But

    Hi Mate

    Though I like cats I wouldnt have one. The eat the local wildlife. In Australia cat have done heaps of damage to the bird and small mammal populations. If one keeps a cat then perhaps one should keep it inside or have a cage run for it outside. They are natural hunters so anything small that lives around ones house is game. But the are nice when the sit on ones lap etc ehheheh



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