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Thread: Bedwetting- How was it treated, Diapers or not

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    Default Bedwetting- How was it treated, Diapers or not

    I would like to do sort of a poll. When I grew up there were a few bed wetters that I knew of, most did not wear diapers or any sort of protection. All had wet proof mattress protectors. I on the other hand was put in cloth diapers and plastic pants till I was about 9 years old. This was back in the days of cloth only.
    So was it more common to actually wet the bed or did most wear some sort of protection? I have know only a few that were diapered. I believe that today diapers/ pull ups are much more common and accepted. What do you think?

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    I think diapers/pullups/goodnites whatever you want to call them they are all the same thing essentially, are more common now a days just because of how society is. It's a quick "fix" if the kid wets the bed then no laundry has to be done just a diaper thrown in the trash. It's quick and easy just how society wants it. Society embraces most of their problems nowadays instead of shunning or ignoring them, like some obese peole accept that they are just obese and don't do anything to change it

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    When I was young - long time ago - a wet bed was a wet bed and the state of technology was such that even if wearing a diaper and plastic pants the chances were the sheets would still be soaked. I think it was only the coming of disposable diapers and efficient plastic pants that changed things. We wore diapers or cloth training pants in bed in case of messy accidents and in the hope that they would hold urine against our bodies and help us wake up "in time" - faint hope I guess.

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    I did not wet every night so I never got diapers. I can't even remember if there was a plastic sheet and my last accident was when I was 10 or so. I have a feeling that in the pre-goodnite era unless someone wet almost every night diapers were not even considered even though baby diapers were bigger and you could get Depends and Attends size small at the drugstore.
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    I wore diapers up until about age 13 or 14, I think. A couple years later I stopped wetting the bed. I flat-out refused to wear them, is why I quit.

    Kids, you do NOT want to become incontinent. I feel endless amounts of sympathy for the people who have to deal with this day and and day out ALL day. It is NOT fun. Much more enjoyable to wear a diaper to bed when and where I want.

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    When I was growing up I had a neighbor friend who wet the bed,sleeping bag,my bed,my blankets etc. I was asked to stay over night more than occasionally because this particular friend did not have many friends because he was a wetter. I can still remember the smell of piss in his room and it would make me nauseous.

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    On behalf of all of us who endured what your friend did, "thanks for being willing to cope with the nausea,etc and still remain friends" - so often in my day kids were told not to associate with anyone who wasn't "perfectly normal" in your parents eyes.

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    Had a cousin on mom’s side who also wet the bed. Our families rarely got together, so I was not close to my cousin. But more than once I overheard conversations on the subject. According to my grandmother who lived with them my cousin wet every night, often before his parents went to bed. To her dismay his dad had no mercy making him sleep/lay in it till time to get up. And diapers were not an option (dad).

    Totally different for me. My dad had zero involvement in my bed-wetting, had more important things to worry about. Except for brief periods, mom diapered me (cloth & plastic pants) at bedtime till dry at age nine. And mom blamed me - she pleaded at bedtime and scolded & even spanked when I disappointed.
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    Before becoming IC last year, I was a bedwetter about 2-3 times a week. Up until age 15, I was in Drynites simply because they worked and were easily available at most shops in my town...I then moved onto Tena Slips.
    Now, I'm doubly IC from an accident, so I get supplied with 4 diaper per 24 hour period....these are either Tena Slips or Euron Forms.

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    I bedwet until I was 14. My mom never really resort me into diapers for some reason. I grew up with just mattress protector only. I dislike it and much wanted to wear diapers because it's way more comfortable. Now I live at my own and can wear diapers at night time if I wanted to.

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