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    I'm Herobrine, I like typing- mainly explanations, sadly I will normally go into FAR to much detail and confuse everyone .
    I'm a DL, don't really like AB but I'm fine with people who are AB.
    I like gaming quite a bit (nothing to the first person who guess my favorite one) mainly modern and very old games (as in the in game timeline not the release date).

    I might write some stories but I'm a tiny bit nervous (for obvious reasons), also I'll fail miserably.

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    Trust me... the bar has been set pretty low for failure in the stories section. And even if you get 20 people that tell you you have terrible grammar and spelling, the only thing that really matters is that you enjoy what you write and hopefully some others will enjoy it too. If not, oh well.

    As far the not being an AB yet, just wait, somehow it has a way of creeping up on you. I never thought i was into that either, now i can't fall asleep without my teddy and my paci. Just thought i would give you fair warning. LOL.

    Other than that... Welcome to Adisc.

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    Hi. I am one of those non-ab dl's too... but I am increasingly interested in caretaking though, particularly in my oldfur persona, especially for the babyfurs...

    As to being long-winded and detailed... guilty also! Winnowing down is hard, and requires trusting the audience... I find it does help to be grateful for attention and being understood without relying on others' approval. I prefer an honest response to a positive but false one (though positive plus honest is best!! )

    As a writer, I wish you to write with confidence, and not be put off when some don't like your work or don't get it. You will never please everyone, and I figure it's better to be appreciated on your merits by your core audience than to pander.

    I think one of the greatest things about us is that whether you are liked or not as such, you will be taken seriously on Adisc; its community is very honest that way, responses are true and from the heart. I think this is the most important feature a support site can have.

    Welcome here.

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    If there's nothing going to the first person who guesses your favorite game, then I'm in. I'd say Ms. Pac Man. I don't see you as an aggressive person - one that might play Donkey Kong.

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