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Thread: Video Game licensce exclusivity. EA vs 2K Sports

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    Default Video Game licensce exclusivity. EA vs 2K Sports


    This is my biggest gripe in video gaming. Exclusive licenses for sports games. EA has several key leagues under exclusivity, and 2K has Major League Baseball. My big gripe on this is the decline in gameplay and quality since competition was eliminated.

    I was a huge fan of the MVP baseball series by EA, over the 2K Sports Major League Baseball series, which in my opinion sucks balls. I also liked NFL 2K5 over Madden 2005, because of the better gameplay, and the ESPN presentation. But no... Madden had to be the king and the NFL in it's infinite stupidity signed exclusivity with EA sports. Thus, costing me NFL 2K.

    EA's MVP Baseball 2005 I liked over Major League Baseball 2K5, although I will admit I liked the World Series edition of 2K5; was my favorite because of the added ballparks, extra uniforms, and the gameplay was sweeter than 2K sport's baseball tripe.

    I hate this so-called exclusivity bullshit. It makes me wanna throw up. I don't like the idea of one video game company having the rights to all the leagues and it makes gameplay stupid, and it the quality sucks.


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    I always favored EA over 2K sports brands. Anyways I think Madden has good gameplay though the graphics barely improve at all. Plus the controls stay the same they pretty much have to other wise people who pay 50 bucks for the same game every year with throw a hissy fit.

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    I haven't bought a new copy of Madden since '07. I will buy '09, only cause it's because I have more money. I haven't bought a new baseball game since MVP Baseball 2005, and the college versions I was able to get used.

    Besides, I usually wait til I get cheaper. Only games I buy brand new are the Need for Speed games.


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