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Thread: graphics or gameplay?

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    Default graphics or gameplay?

    I was just thinking about this when playing my nintindo64. The graphics are bad but the game was ok. But i only care about the game play not the graphics. But if you had to pick one for a game you want which would you care about?

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    Definitely gameplay. It's 5x more important. You can make a game pretty, but if it sucks, then it's still crap.

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    I think it's obvious enough... Only idiots would select graphics. >_>
    Or, at least, people who are very inexperienced when it comes to games.

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    I'm... surprisingly going to agree with you on that one, DarkSun. I'm a CoD4 nut, and I purposely turn things down just to play perfectly without loosing a single FPS point.

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    I prefer gameplay WAY more. Though I will admit I bought crysis for 20 bucks to "benchmark" my Nvida 8800GT video card and boy does that game look REALLY good even on medium with high textures.

    Oh I also get to play UT3 and Oblivion maxed out at around 55-60 FPS (42-45 FPS out doors in Oblivion)

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    Gameplay...But if there are versions with better graphics, I will go for those

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    i gotta go with game play example i really love kingdom hearts 1 but when the second one came out i loved the graphics but not really the game -____-

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    Both, only because a game can be wonderful and all, but when you're on a monitor like mine with a game running at 800x600 resolution(all the game will support), it looks terrible.

    And because even if the game is fun seeing bland levels over and over again, ruins the immersion aspect...though I guess that's more on level design which would be part of gameplay =/

    This is why I like Blizzard's game, their graphics are a 'generation behind' but they make up for it in great level design and gameplay.

    Gameplay > Graphics, but graphics are sometimes a factor in certain games(one highly based on immersion as well as gameplay(MMOs))
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    Wow, the results are Unaminous, or however you spell it.

    But how can you have good gameplay without good graphics?

    Let me re-phrase, You could have a game with Great graphics but horrible game play, but you couldn't have a game with good game play and horrible graphics.

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    I go for the game, I have never really paid attention to graphics. I'm quite happy with the old Marios World for Nintendo 64. I think those graphics are pretty alright, anything better is just icing on the cake, but not necessary for me to enjoy the game.

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