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Thread: Join the Toy Soldier Army, Today!

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    Default Join the Toy Soldier Army, Today!

    As a fan of Dr. Steel, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this video x) This is probably trash, but im bored, and Dr. Steel is amazing, so deal with it :3

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    Perhaps the kindest madman I have ever seen; let's put him in office.

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    Lol, elect Dr. Steel for world emperor x)

    Im working on organizing an event so I can get my Yellow Jacket title v.v
    In all seriousness, even if it's an imaginary stage character, he makes several good points.

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    Dr.Steel needs to enlist My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. With him and them, the world shall crumble and rebuild itself in a much better place.

    Sure nothing productive might not get done, but it will be fun.

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    And that's all that matters! Who needs economy when we change our currency to monopoly money?

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