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    Watchmen is a famous comic turned graphic novel that has recently come to my attention by the new movie being produced that is based on it. Notably, it is the only graphic novel to be included in the Times top 100 novels since 1923, and it is a top rated one to boot. Also, it is the only comic or graphic novel to win a Hugo award. Seeing this, I decided that I must read this novel, so I purchased myself a copy of Watchmen: Absolute Edition, because it's hardcover, having larger page size and better colouration than the original. Unfortunately, there seems to be a large backlog on orders, so my copy is not due until September. In the mean time, I thought it worthy of our discussion.

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    I have the Absolute Edition, and I love it. It is very nice, and definitely worth the money. I used to have the standard paperback edition (I gave it to a friend of mine after I bought my new copy), which was good enough, but with the larger size of the hardback, all kinds of background details that I never noticed before just jump out at me.

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    I hash the trade paperback and a leatherbound ed for collecting. It is full of all kinds of goodness that raccoons love so much, including many ironies & a lovely yonic symbol. Well worth a read. Lots of M-rated content, so be careful with easily freaked parents/teachers who might confiscate it. Some of the mature themes which abound are animal cruelty and rape. You have been warned. Put it away when you are done with it and don't leave it lying around your 6-year old little sister.

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