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Thread: Good Video Game Music

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    Default Good Video Game Music

    So, folks, let's be honest: video game music is something of a joke, for the most part. Or, anyway, there are plenty of jokes made about video game music. This thread isn't about this, however. This one's about *good* video game music! Songs that you actually like! Here are a couple of my favorites:

    Crash Bandicoot 3: Arabian Skull Route

    Wario Land 4: Crescent Moon Village

    LA Noire also gets an honorable mention, but it's too broad for me to include a single video clip from YouTube.

    Your turn!

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    Those seemed to have a specific sound to them and the melodies were unique, but not musically interesting. Are you perhaps looking for hidden gems of the soundtrack, from people who would otherwise post Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)?

    In that case, I submit Sonic Adventure DX: E102 Gamma

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLGrif View Post
    Those seemed to have a specific sound to them and the melodies were unique, but not musically interesting. Are you perhaps looking for hidden gems of the soundtrack, from people who would otherwise post Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)?[/url]
    Meh, I don't know. Those specific melodies were ones I liked when I first played those games years ago, and still find to be pretty good for video game music. There's nothing incredibly special about them, and maybe I'm swayed because I liked them as a kid. (In other words, they aren't the next Beethoven, but they're fun while playing a video game.) The idea of the thread is just to post video game music you like.

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    I always point to the work of Koichi Sugiyama, the composer of the music for the Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the US). He was the first to compose actual symphonic pieces for games, which where them made in bleeps and bloops to sound as close as possible to his composition. Before him, game music was designed within the parameters of bleeps and bloops, not as actual musical compositions. And, more importantly, his stuff was GOOD. I actually have the symphonic scores for all nine of the Dragon Quest games, that I purchased legally, because they're that good.

    Also, some of Nobuo Uematsu's stuff for the Final Fantasy games was amazing. My favorite video game track of all time? Probably the boss battle theme from Final Fantasy IV.

    YouTube - ‪Final Fantasy IV (II) Music: Boss Battle‬‏

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    Venice Rooftops - Assassins Creed II

    YouTube - ‪Assassin's Creed 2 OST - Track 02 - Venice Rooftops‬‏

    Pretty much everything in that game was good, but that track is my favourite.

    Super Meat Boy - Nearly all tracks.

    Final Fantasy stuff:

    Terra's Theme (6)
    One Winged Angel (7)
    Liberi Fatali (8)
    Auron's Theme (10)
    Jecht Battle (10)
    Black Water (10)
    Answer (Dissidia)
    March (dissidia)
    Clash on the Big Bridge (5 originally but the one I like is the dissidia version)

    Portal 2:
    Cara Mia (Hurry up and release the full version, Valve)

    Still Alive

    Calm1, calm2 and calm3

    Call of Duty: World at War (zombies mode):
    Beauty of Annihilation
    The One

    Canabalt (same guy as did Super Meat Boy music):
    Daring Escape

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    There's a reason Martin O'Donnell's work keeps getting mentioned: he's good. I will cop to the Halo Theme being a touch overplayed, but let's not dismiss the rest of the soundtracks out of hand for that. Particularly I like "Beyond a Pale Horse" and "No More Dead Heroes"

    Let's not forget Yoko Shimomura, though; that lady not only gets around, she writes very good stuff (Street Fighter II anyone?) Really wish Konami wasn't so secretive about who composed what, though: I'd like to know who wrote the main theme to Metal Gear Solid, and the VR Missions track.

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    well, it isn't origional game music, but it is based on it and verry good:
    super mario world rock:

    also, tetris trance remix 2003:

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    I'd go with the famous Gerudo Valley Theme from Ocarina of Time. The entire score of both Mass Effect 1 and 2 are well orchestrated. Hell March from Red Alert has always been good, through its various iterations. And of course, the Monkey Island Theme.

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