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Thread: Leopardz says Heyllo! :3

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    Default Leopardz says Heyllo! :3

    SnowLeopardz here :P

    I'm quite random, but in a funny way. I'm social, ^ ^; however I might be shy when regarding TB/DL stuff for awhile (as it may and been for all of you at first.)

    When I was 13, I started to wear diapers. I stopped for a while cause I wasn't really good at hiding my stash of diapers, and I felt alone thinking I was the only person that does this. Three years later, I found out that I'm not alone , I'm glad to be a TB(ish)/DL once more!

    One of the reasons why I joined is because of my curiosity. And I can finally get this lonely feeling to go away. Also to have people that I can talk to about anything. I love reading stories about other people experiences, or stories they come up with.

    Well all I can think of is in here. Throw a message at me or something lol!
    -Laterz ^ ^

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    Great intro, Snow ^^
    Welcome to the site, Hope you can find yourself here as I did long ago.

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    Dispelling lonely feelings is our specialty. It is great to be among our own; especially when your crowd is a crowd of overall really, really nice people. Welcome.

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    Ello SnowLeopardz, didn't see it in your post (thus had to go to your profile to find out), but saw you're non-tbdl interests include playing xbox. What games are your favorites? outside of that (for those who don't want to/can't look) what are your other interests?

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