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Thread: Farkas says hi to everybody

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    Default Farkas says hi to everybody

    Just a short intro, need to find my way here first.

    I'm a just a DL and not so much interested (or perhaps I don't know yet )in other diaper related things. However, I feel fine with people's different interests, as long as it doesn't harm anyone (themselves included).

    I'm in my forties, having had a DL interest when I was a pre-teen, then more or less forgot about it for a long time and rediscovered this part of me a couple of years ago. At that point there wasn't that much to be found about it on the internet, so part of accepting my "weird" interest came by just giving up the idea I could do anything to get rid of the urge.

    I'm having mixed feelings about it, on one hand I wouldn't mind to not have it (would be easier sometimes), on the other I also feel good with it, since somehow it fills in a need.

    My main reason to join a community like this is that I'm still looking for the "why". Not to find any justification, but just because I'm curious. I quite well know that I may not find the answer, but I also consider the attempt towards it interesting.

    Ok, that's it for now, you all have a good time and I'll be seeing you.

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    hey Farkas, welcome to ADISC.

    I think we've all searched for a "why" about these feelings, but no-one has ever really come up with an answer that totally satisfied everyone. I think a lot of people do find that just being around people with this same interest - even in the "virtual space" of the internet is quite a comfort, and helps them a lot with self-acceptance.

    What interests do you have outside of ABDL?

    and btw - is NL Netherlands or Newfoundland and Labrador? The reason I ask, someone forcast a wave of Dutch members joining a couple weeks ago and I'm interested to see if it's coming true. ;-)

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    Thanks riddle.

    I think there's an answer to everything, but that doesn't mean it can be found. Well, that's a knockdown argument, isn't it?

    In our / my case; I think not finding a definitive answer has to do with it being rather complex combined with too little knowledge about how our minds work. But in the end it must be coded in our brains somewhere and - like a computer program - there must be some logic to it. In that sense I think there must be an answer, but due to our insufficient knowledge we're not able to find it. I think you touch a point by mentioning that no answer has been found that satisfied everyone, I think that is a clue, it perhaps might carefully be concluded that apparently there is a common "goal", but there are many different ways to reach it, all adding to the confusion about what actually is the cause. On the other hand, it also might be that there are different goals, but the way to get there can be similar. It's a puzzle, and I like to waste time on puzzling . Besides that, some self knowledge doesn't hurt and also the social part - particularly when international - is something I like, if at least not focused on peeing and pooping.

    My interests are rather broad, I do not have very particular interests and if I have them, they might change over time. I'm a curious person and I'm interested in the "why" of a lot of things, not only in regard to wearing diapers. But traveling and seeing other parts of the world is something I really like, and I really can enjoy nature.

    Your feeling about NL is correct, I indeed saw this site mentioned at a Dutch forum.

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