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30/m/MO life long DL, my favorite thing is to diaper up and eat dinner, watch a movie or play halo, its the greatest thing sense sliced bread, its the cats meow.

heres a true story in 2006:

I traveld to europe, i have IBS and the food there dident go over well with me so i had to eather confine myself to the hotel or go out and buy some diapers, i choose the later, i was embarrased to buy diapers there, i went to the pharmacy in switzerland and looked around for adult diapers, none were on the shelf so i asked, (i think there called slips there), they said they were in back and got them for me, after buying a package i asked for a bag to hide it in for the long walk back to the hotel, the lady said i know your not from around here but here we are not ashamed for things like that, i was amazed just how different things are there vs the USA, we are far more judgemental and shamefull here then they are in europe.

same thing in India, very compassionate, adult diapers that are sold in the local pharmacys in europe and india are far better then whats available to us here, i smuggled several packages back into america muahahahaha, airport security dident care the least, and the pat downs in all the security check points were fun.

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more about me

I like Electronic Ambient music
I am %100 Vegan
Ham Radio Operator
Xbox gamer, complete halo nerd
non smoker
Sennheiser HD-800 owner